Taj Mahal Entrance Sunrise Taj mahal day tour from delhi by car 2019

Sunrise Taj mahal day tour from delhi by car 2019

Agra , the city which comes under jurisdiction of Indian state Uttar Pradesh has 3 world heritage sites for travellers. This city has been an important trading center and capital for Mughal Empire visit – Sunrise Taj mahal day tour from delhi by car 2019.

If we talk about demography of Agra , its population is 1.33 million approximately, surface area  64.33 Sq. Km and male/female ration is 10:9.In this city 65% are Hindus, 29% are Muslims & remaining 6% are other religion people. In this city multiple religions and faiths co- exist. It also contain some other heritage monuments which depict Indo Islamic influences to this city.

Lot of foreign & domestic tourist visit this city regularly for sightseeing of Taj Mahal which make tourism backbone of Agra. Agra acquired conspicuous fame in global tourism arena undoubtedly because of Taj Mahal . Agra can be accessed by surface or train.

International tourists first arrive Delhi International airport and from there they arrive Agra either by car or express train. For Taj Mahal sightseeing most of the international tourist use cab for Delhi Agra same day trip. In our official  website we have elaborated Taj Mahal Day Tour package from Delhi by car in affordable price. Our experienced & knowledgeable tour guides take good care of travellers & allow them for own exploration.

Breakthrough ideas & strategic insight of our dedicated tour executive always ensure unblemished execution of quality service. Apart from English we also have foreign languages speaking regional tour guides.To ascertain credentials of our tour agency please check our portal on trip advisor which exhibit comments posted by worldwide visitors.

taj mahal Taj mahal day tour from delhi by car

Our company regularly sell Taj Mahal day tour package in which traveller could be picked up early morning from Delhi hotel followed by drive to Agra. In Agra local tour guide join you for guided sightseeing of Taj Mahal. After Agra sightseeing traveller drive back to Delhi.

Romantic day trip for taj mahal Agra

Viewing Taj Mahal by sunrise is like tourist mass hysteria among foreign nationality tourists as they feel watching important event. The early hours of morning are some of the most charming moments for sightseeing of Taj Mahal.

early rising for birds is common, and for those traveller who wish to enjoy an unforgettable experience of Taj Mahal by dawn. Sunrise commence with the first soft rays of the sun strike over the eastern part of Taj Mahal’s central dome which is inlaid with semi precious stone carnelian,us an extremely exciting and vociferous experience.

Taj Mahal is inlaid with innumerable high values semi precious stones mainly Cornelian used in abundance, this semi precious stone stone is opaque, crystalline & 65000 years old , due to this property  sunrays permeate inside & emit red color spark (chamki) which mesmerize traveller.

This scintillating illumination at central dome of Taj Mahal, travellers can view for limited time as angle of sun rays keep changing. With  innovative insight & due diligence our tour company has designed tour package for corporate clients who wish to see Taj Mahal by dawn but can not stay in Agra due to limited time.

We have made feasible for those tourist to see Taj Mahal by sunrise in day trip from Delhi. Taking cognizance of demands that tourists prefer to see Taj Mahal by sunrise, tour operators have started Taj Mahal sunrise day tour package from Delhi.

An early bird catches worm first, you must opt to book Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour with our tour agency. For booking we need name of travellers & Delhi hotel details. Tour start in midnight by pick up from Delhi by 2:30 am followed by drive to Agra.

Once you arrive Agra by 5:30 am, our local tour guide will join you for guided tour of Taj Mahal by dawn. After sightseeing you can go to local restaurant in Agra for breakfast followed by drive back to Delhi.


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