Is Your Child Technology Addict? | Use Parental Control App

Kids’ technology addiction is ‘digital heroin’ and turn them into screen junkies.” – Metro UK

When we look around, we observe how technology and media use has changed our day-to-day lives. Dependency on smart devices has increased, and it results in tech addiction. 

While talking about children, unlimited and pleasing internet world lure them, and thus, they remain engrossed in the digital world.

However, excessive screen time is a growing issue, and it is associated with serious repercussions. If kids are obsessed with media use, they may encounter various threats. Hence parental control is a necessity.

So, let us find out the cause of obsession and ways to combat a child’s online craving.

Is Kids’ Technology Addiction Real or A Fad To Scare Parents?

Internet access is necessary for kids too. They surf, play, and stay connected to cope with the digital world.

But, with unrestricted online usage, teens spend prolonged hours on the cyberspace – chatting and connecting with known and unknown people. Such activities keep them engaged, and sooner or later, they become addicted.

  • Symptoms of ‘Internet Obsession’

  • Avoiding parents summons
  • Neglecting real-life relationships
  • More involvement in virtual life
  • Least interested in a favorite food, or tv shows
  • Being verbose on the digital platform
  • Conscious about comments and replies (on social media portals), and many more.

So parents, are you aware of a child’s digital activities? Do you control the kid’s screen time?

Do you use child monitoring app to control their online usage?

If your answers to the above questions are indefinite, don’t worry!

We are here to provide solutions for tech-addicted kids

How To Combat Child’s Tech Addiction?

  • Teach kids the pros and cons of technology :

It is important to talk to children about the benefits and drawbacks of technology. If they are oblivious to the dos and don’ts of the internet, they may continue using it 

Demonstrate a few examples like excessive use affects studies, online stalkers and predators can ruin lives, beware of cyberbullies, severe health issues, and many more.

On the other hand, teach healthy use of a device to teens using parental control applications.

  • Do not let your children go cold turkey!

Don’t stop kids’ internet access abruptly; rather go slowly in reducing their digital craving. You can use a kids safety applications to curb teens’ device use.

  • So what is child monitoring software?

For busy and concerned parents, it is not possible to always remain present and keep a watch on teen’s internet activities. Here’s where the parental control app comes in. 

Child tracker application is built to keep tabs on a kid’s digital tasks like the content they view, places they visit, their screen time, and much more.

Parents can keep an eye on a child’s online movements using distinct tools of this app.

  • Define ground rules to limit screen time:

Setting rules to limit screen time is essential to protect children from various diseases like migraine, dry and red eyes, obesity, cognitive function disorder, etc. 

Using a screen time control app, you can efficiently control a child’s screen time.

Time Schedule tool helps in setting curfew hours on different apps (on teen’s device).

Moreover, good parental control software such as Bit Guardian Parental Control also provide bedtime feature to define sleeping hours which automatically shuts a running application on kid’s device.

  • Engage children in hobbies and other interesting activities:

Increase adolescent’s involvement in exciting activities like playing football, painting, dancing, reading, etc. Arrange parties and invite the child’s friends and let them enjoy various games, food, and music.

You should also participate in kids’ activities to boost their morale and help them grow better.

  • Excessive technology use is a source of friction for a family:

Have you thought of making your (any) room space as a ‘device-free zone’? If not, then you should. 

Say, for instance, the dining area (where all family members are together) of your house can be declared as ‘no device zone.’ Exchange good ideas, talk about fun, entertainment, movies, let children share their pranks, and talk about new friends.

Productive family time also increases trust and bonding of parent-kid relationship. However, a healthy and trustworthy kinship is a rare combination in today’s family, so keep it safe by controlling the device usage.

  • Safeguard children from inappropriate content:

Unbound access to the internet makes teens vulnerable to offensive content that includes:

  • Gambling and dating apps
  • Violence videos
  • Pornography
  • Swear word article or chat
  • Unsolicited and fake websites like offering prizes and gifts, etc.

Kids’ technology addiction may compel them to view such objectionable content. Child safety app comes handy to combat this issue,

App Blocker tool helps block malicious and harmful apps. It is also useful in refraining teens from accessing social media apps (which are distracting).

Additionally, Bit Guardian Parental Control offers the App Install Blocker tool to stop teens from installing new apps. If your child has a habit of using a plethora of unnecessary apps, this tool is very effective to block their cravings.

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  • Watch your own habits:

Adolescents follow their parents’ behavioral practices. If you have a habit of checking phones frequently, kids will follow the same. Thus, you should restrict your media use first before preaching to children.

Well, it is advisable to postpone the device use while spending time with your kids.

Child monitoring is necessary to combat technology obsession. Thus, save your child from digital hazards with the help of a screen time control app.

Download one of the most reliable children tracking app – Bit Guardian Parental control and ensure the digital safety of children. 

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