Understanding How much text is too much in eLearning development

At times, while you are busy attending your e-learning program and the next moment you get too many text content to read, what would be your reaction, well, you will lose your interest. Although one may claim that people today are used to reading text on the online landscape, however, bombarding them with too much of text content can soon make the readers reach their saturation level. People encountering too much of text content often give up the habit of reading them online and get their prints out for the stuff they are willing to read and digest. So, it is vital to have a check on using too much of text content on the custom e-learning development.

Have a look at the same as under:

Know the number of words

While dealing with Micro learning Platforms, you need to know the number of words you are targeting over a slide. Well, are you looking for 100, 200 or 50 or even less. As per experts, you need to use six words over your presentation slide. This is often can be called as the too minimalist choice for e-Learning. However, the other common presentation goal remains “6 x 6”. Here you just have to add a maximum six points on an average of six words each. If you are considering this as your target then you end up getting 36 words to use.

Scale and scrap them down

One of the simplest ways to reduce the number of text while dealing with the Custom e-learning Development is to rely on using separate slides. Well, this is no rocket science to understand as the course developers feel very much obliged for their course content for establishing the total number of screens. But if you end up crowding any slide with loads of information about what has really happened to your slide and time target is the big question to ask. The best way out is to rely on calculating the total number of words in a course. The typical reading one can find out is often between 200 and 300 words per minute, which however, assumes to the continuous stream of words without having any click-based activity. Remember a picture speaks more than a thousand of words.

Using too much of words in Micro learning Platforms can reduce the amount of text you would need. We can easily avoid the requirement to describe anything in the text while using a suitable relevant image.

Replace text with a diagram

While dealing with the Micro learning Platforms, check if you can replace the text content with diagrams and images. Using diagrams, charts and images can help you in portraying your ideas well to the audience. Is your diagram will be able to offer you the logical framework of your ideas, if yes then you can easily do it.

Talk to experts

While going for Custom e-learning Development, you can easily use an audio narration for reducing the text content to a great extent over the screen. Like in any presentation, seeking the help of an audio can help you in delivering the bulk of your content and using the same to highlight the important points can help you in further reducing the text over your screen. For more on this, you can consult any expert dealing with such types of content in the market.

Rely on Videos

The other ways to reduce the text content is start using video content like what you have done with the audio content. For instance, rather relying on the lengthy technical description, you could think to convey those points better and effective when compared with the interview seeking the expert or a piece-to-camera? Beyond that you can find an ocean of opportunities in videos that include decisions, drama and modeling complex situations with the help of video content, which would otherwise need loads of text.

Make it interactive

The other way to make Custom e-learning Development effective is to make the presentation more interactive. By doing so, it will become more digestible. Rather rely on one panel of 100 words, you can think of creating four part click to reveal with around 25 words on each and every panel along with the image to get the reinforcement of each point. While doing the same, you get the cancel to find a framework for your students to both comprehend along with making your content easy to digest.

Wrapping up

If you are dealing with Custom e-learning Development, it is always a good idea to rely on competent groups that specialise in this field.

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