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Top Interesting Tenali Raman Stories for Kids with Morals

There is not a single kid who does not love Tenali Raman! Tenali Ramakrishna was the poet and advisor of king Krishnadevaraya. Tenali Raman was known for his beautiful humor and wit and not to mention, his extraordinary intelligence. Parents need to make sure that their kids are reading books on Tenali Raman to understand the wit that he had. When you allow your kids to read books, you prepare them for socioeconomic success, as stated by Given below is a list of the best Tenali Raman stories with morals.

Tenali Raman and the Cursed Man

This story is about Tenali Raman and a cursed man, where the cursed man, named Ramaya, was considered to be inauspicious by the town people. They had the belief that if they saw him in the morning, the entire day would become cursed. When the story reached King Krishnadevaraya, he invited Ramaya to tell the truth. The king wanted to see for himself whether this superstition was true or not and on finding that he was also a victim like the other town people, he decided to hang Ramaya. 

To save her husband, the wife of Ramaya immediately took the help of Tenali Raman. Tenali Raman, the witty jester, helped to get rid of the superstition that surrounded Ramaya. Therefore, this story carries the moral that superstitions should never be believed. 

A Handful of Grain or A Thousand Gold Coins

A woman named Vidhyulatha of the Vijayanagara Kingdom was extremely proud of everything that she had accomplished. Naturally, she started becoming extremely arrogant as well. Out of her pride, she decided to challenge people to outwit her in terms of her intelligence and accomplishments. In return, she would give the winner one thousand coins of gold. However, there was not a single scholar who was successful in defeating her. 

However, one fine day, a firewood seller finally defeated her. While selling the firewood, all he wanted from Vidhyulatha was one handful grain, which meant grains that could fill her hand up. However, as she failed to understand this and her wisdom was beaten by the firewood seller, she had to give him a thousand gold coins. The firewood seller was none other than Tenali Raman. The moral of this story is irrespective of how proud you are there will be someone or the other who will surely outwit you. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest Tenali Raman stories

The Reward and the Punishment

On arrival at Hampi, the first thing that Tenali wanted to do was meet the king. He left his wife at a temple and hurried to visit the king. However, upon arrival, the guards were not letting him meet the king. Tenali, as witty as he was, decided that he would lure the guards, and told them that on seeing him the king would shower him with gifts. And he promised the guards that he would share the gifts with them as well. 

When Tenali went inside the court, he ran towards the king. The king became angry and ordered that he get 50 lashes. Tenali told the king that he had to share this gift with the guards as well. King Krishnadevaraya was impressed with Tenali’s humor and wit and decided to make him the royal jester. The moral of the story is that being greedy is one of the biggest sins that a person can commit. 


The Tenali Raman stories are filled with humor and wit. Most importantly, it is the morals that are going to inspire the kids. Make sure that you are helping your kids read the best Tenali Raman stories with the ideal morals. 


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