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Law enforcement in Miami continues to be on high alert for lawbreakers. But sometimes being placed under arrest does not mean that you are guilty as charged. Should you find yourself in a legal situation and are not able to hire legal representation, the state provides you one from among Miami’s top law firms like Stroleny Law, P.A. Your attorney should be able to get you the best possible ruling. Some of the cases that require the services of a criminal defense attorney include; domestic violence, Juvenile crime, white-collar crimes, and many others.

Domestic violence is most likely to occur between intimate partners but could also involve other members of the family, such as children and relatives. It means violent or aggressive behavior within the home.  On a larger scale, women experience more intimate partner violence than their male counterparts. Such violence, as described by the United Nations, includes intimate partner violence, which refers to behavior by an intimate partner or ex-partner that causes physical, sexual, or psychological harm. That includes physical aggression, sexual coercion, psychological abuse, and controlling behaviors.

Domestic violence could also include sexual abuse, which is in part, “any sexual act or attempt to obtain a sexual act directed against a person’s sexuality using coercion, by any person regardless of their relationship to the victim.” The perpetrators of this heinous act often leave the victim with multiple injuries and health complications such as bodily harm, unintended pregnancies, gynecological issues, and sexually transmitted illnesses.

Besides law enforcement systems and criminal defense attorneys; you can get help from various voluntary agencies to work together with the community through multiple programs to curb and alleviate domestic violence.

Juvenile Crime

Juvenile crime is a significant ordeal, most children are naughty, and it sometimes goes overboard and becomes criminal behavior. Minors do not go to jail with adults, and there are special rules that govern juvenile crimes. Juveniles require specialized help, and that is the reason for you to hire the best defense attorney for your child. An unfortunate misrepresentation of a wrongful act may follow your child into adulthood. An excellent criminal defense attorney will work to ensure that a delinquent act is removed from your child’s record at the attainment of age 18. Some of the offenses your child may get charged for include possession and consumption of alcohol, curfew violations, chronic absence from school, purchase of tobacco-based products, and many more. These acts are considered crimes in children because they affect their overall well being. When charged, juveniles get alternative sentencing options such as probation, therapeutic community programs, and evidence-based treatment programs.

Violent crime is not the only kind or offense. White-collar crimes are non-violent and are financially motivated; usually committed in commercial situations by business and government professionals. These crimes continue to be top on the FBI’s criminal priority list. The ultimate goal for the white-collar criminal offender is to receive economic or financial gain. Such crimes include; corporate fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, identity theft, mortgage broker fraud, copyright infringement, money laundering, forgery, and many more.

The most common of these crimes is corporate fraud. The proprietor of this crime will misrepresent financial activities to increase company profits and mislead the public. Corporate frauds reduce public interest in and confidence in the company and bring financial loss to society.

Bankruptcy may help you get relief from your debt; it is designed to help you eliminate all or part of your mortgage. To file for bankruptcy, you need to demonstrate that you are unable to repay your debts. Bankruptcy fraud is falsifying information when filing for bankruptcy. It is falsely pleading poverty or filing for bankruptcy to deceive creditors. It involves the concealing of assets to avoid having to forfeit them. The proprietor of the crime intentionally files incomplete forms in several states using false or legitimate information. The concealed assets are often transferred to friends or family to avoid being located. You will need to consult an excellent criminal defense attorney to file for bankruptcy.

The law states that you are not guilty until proven guilty. Only a top-rated defense attorney may be able to confirm this for you and also set a clean record for you. Do not let that delinquent act follow you into your future while you can get a fresh start today. Search out very informative resources online for more details about criminal defense attorneys. These resources are cheap unlike being billed per hour by a lawyer.


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