How To Look Pretty On Each Photo You Take

How To Look Pretty On Each Photo You Take

Practice Makes Perfect

Here’s the short answer to being pretty in all photos you take you’ve got to practice. You’ve got to experiment. You’ve got to try things out, see what works, see what doesn’t, and learn to repeat success when you come across it. Angled selfies from a high vantage point often portray an individual in a positive light, but this tactic has become known to viewers.

Part of a good selfie involves getting shots from multiple angles, and that’s where things get difficult. Everybody’s got a “funky” angle. Just look at Tom Cruise. He always has pictures taken of only one side of his face for movie posters. Why does he do this? Well, he knows he has a “good side”. It turns out, everybody does.

Did you know faces seldom have perfect symmetry? It’s true! Look at your own closely in the mirror. One eye might open slightly wider than the other. Your teeth might not quite be in the center. Let’s not yammer on regarding imperfections—everyone is well aware where they’re not “up to par”. That’s the point of this writing: drawing emphasis to your best characteristics.

You have to know your best side. Owing to smartphones, modern people have a slump to their shoulders. Sometimes all you need for a perfect selfie is to straighten your shoulders and look forward confidently. Sometimes you just need to smile—or not, depending on what you’re going for. In this writing, we’ll explore some further tips toward the perfect pretty selfie.

Don’t Use All Those Filters

Instagram filters aren’t doing you any favors because everyone is well aware of what you’re up to. Getting rid of wrinkles, shadows, and blemishes using a computer program makes you look like you’ve got something to hide. People are savvy. That’s not to say you can’t have fun. You can, and you should! Just don’t let this be your only means of capturing selfies.

Angles And Lighting

Getting the best angle for yourself is key, and may require some experimentation. Lighting is all-important when it comes to selfies. If you don’t have good lighting, even the most beautiful individual can appear strange.
There’s a tongue-in-cheek Seinfeld episode where Jerry dates a woman who is beautiful under one set of lights, and hideous under another. Well, that was a joke—but it’s a joke based in truth. Lighting is all-important for selfies.

Getting Advice From Trusted Resources

As selfies have come to be a primary photographic wing of expression today, best practices, best times to take selfies, and other associated tips and tricks have expanded in prominence. You can find options like Facetune which can give you some top-tier common-sense tips toward capturing your best selfie.

Learning Specific Families Of “Selfie”

There are action selfies, there are still selfies, and the list goes on. One of the most popular selfies is the mirror selfie, which is a whole different ball game. It’s got its merits. If you’ve never taken that kind of selfie, there are some best practices the hyperlink can help you employ for the prettiest results.


Do you know what’s more attractive than sultry, serious, sensuous gravity? Joy. People love joy. Some girls seem perfectly common, but the moment they smile, suddenly they become a superhuman Aphrodite straight from the clouds of heaven. If you want a pretty selfie, be sure you figure out your smile.
Now there’s some subtlety here. There’s nothing more beautiful than an authentic smile, and nothing so cringe-worthy as a synthetic saccharine grin made of lies. If you can’t be authentically sincere with a selfie smile, be careful. That modern, over-excited, wide-eyed expression of joy with an over-the-top flavor to it–people are going to see through that.

Don’t think too hard about it, think of something that makes you laugh, and catch yourself laughing. That can look quite pretty. Also, if you’re savvy enough to pull stills from the video, that can help you find the perfect smile.

Taking Pictures That Show The Inner You

What is beautiful is authenticity. That’s sort of the overarching purpose of a selfie. So don’t use too many filters, smile, get the angles right, get the lighting right, and explore resources where such best practices are streamlined together into clear tips. Follow these steps, and your selfies will always be gorgeous.

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