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5 Reasons (These Will Shock You) Why You Should Choose Physical Therapy Over Surgery

Many times, when people suffer from injuries or persistent pain, they do not realize that seeking physical therapy brooklyn should be their first line of treatment. As a result, such people seem to prefer surgical procedures to deal with their pain because of the assumption that it is a more natural way of getting rid of their problem. 

If you have long term pain, however, your first line of action should be to ask your primary doctor for a referral to a physical therapist. One of the advantages of a physical therapist is that they have experience dealing with situations similar to yours. 

They will not only seek to treat your pain but will aim to find its’ origin. Some of the activities you should expect during your physical therapy sessions include:

  • Pain relief exercises
  • Stretching
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Low-impact aerobics
  • Massages

If you have any concerns about physical therapy hurting you further, then you should be happy to know that even though some sessions might leave you sore, it will be safe and will not hurt. Here are some of the benefits of physical therapy that you should know.

  •       It Will Help You to Manage Pain

This is a commonly known benefit of physical therapy. If you have a health condition or an injury that causes you pain, your quality of life can be changed. Using prescription medication to help you manage pain may result in addiction. However, with the use of therapeutic exercise, you will be able to reduce pain and restore function to your body parts. 

  •       Enables You To Avoid Surgery

In some cases, surgery is not avoidable. In such cases, you can reap the benefits of physical therapy before your surgery. Working with a therapist pre-surgery will enable you to go into surgery in a much stronger state. 

This will allow you to heal faster after the surgery. However, in cases where surgery is not necessary, physical therapy will help you to avoid pain and reduce the costs that are associated with surgery. 

  •       Better Mobility

A physical therapist will be able to customize a personal exercise plan for you. No matter your age, if you have difficulty undertaking simple tasks such as walking or standing, the program that your therapist designs for you will help you to improve and make these activities better. Your therapist can identify the correct crutches, cranes, and devices that will enable you to move better.

  •       It Helps To Prevent Injury

If you engage in sports regularly, then you know that you are at risk of specific sport-related injuries. To avoid these, a physical therapist will design the correct exercises, which will lower the probability of injuries related to your sport. 

  •       It Helps To Manage Diabetes

People with diabetes often experience difficulties when it comes to sensations or feelings in their legs or feet. A physical therapist can help to improve this by educating such people on how to take care of their feet and prevent such problems as diabetic foot and amputation, which may come up in the future. 

Additionally, if your blood sugar is always out of control, a physical therapist will devise a proper exercise plan for you that will help to control it.


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