Broken but Beautiful S2: Watch Vikrant Massey and Harleen’s Chemistry on Screen Again Only on ZEE5

Broken but Beautiful S2: Watch Vikrant Massey and Harleen’s Chemistry on Screen Again Only on ZEE5

The endearing and a unique story Broken but beautiful is a Hindi romantic web series created and developed by Ekta Kapoor on the video platform. The series is available on ZEE5. The series Broken but beautiful is all set to come with the new second season with starring Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi in the lead. Veer and Sameera are set to break your heart.

This season starts with the Sameera (Harleen Massey) and Veer (Vikrant Massey). Veer and Sameera moved each other with their broken past story. Veer moved to Bangalore to start learning to make wine, and there he fell in love with his business partner Debbi (Anuj Boma Joshi). Coming to Sameera, she was finally getting over her toxic obsession with her ex (Jitin Gulati). Later that, she was reconciled with her old school friend Ahaan aka Mushroom (Gaurav Arora), who is fascinated by her.

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As the season continues, veer and Sameera have changed their personalities in their time. Veer and Sameera both are changed and healed and started living their own independent life. Veer does not understand the complication, and he loves too much. Debbi feels the love on veer too much. On the other end, Sameera feels so afraid that she falls in love again.  

We are very well known that when a couple moved off, our fate will bring back together and same time veer and Sameera back together. Ironically veer and Sameera are in the same room, but there is no ignoring behavior between them because the fact is that they were in a relationship with other people. And we are all wondering they that again fall in or not? Everything is an effort and stubborn that couples realize that they belong to each other.

The telling of the story is very modern with the words like ghosting, self – love, me – time for a good way. The characters shown in the show have very cool jobs, like winemaking, event planning, and pub – running. The show is more relatable that showing that Massey relationships with two persons and how to come easier from hard situations. This leads to almost getting married, mixing alcohol and phantom pregnancy, and the couples love, but it already late.

In this season Harleen`s with her performance steals every one eye in the show. She grows up as an actor, and she delivers an excellent performance that woman trying hard to come out with the terms of that she is thinking about the level of attraction Vikrant as we expectedly back with the powerful performance.

The main additions of the show are Gaurav Arora as Ahan Chaterji and Anuja Joshi as Debbie. Anuja leaves a good impression and gives good confidence in the show, and the rest of the supporting cast is very impressive. The other thing about the show is there is unique and pleasant music, and we feel like original music. The music is emotionally and contemporary songs like “O Saajna” and “Boureya” each song is melodious and much quality. 

Broken nut beautiful is a compound and a contradiction that Is a lovely story. It concludes with the veer and Sameera are suits in their relationship. Finally, it is a worth watch show. Hear.

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