Shopping at Car Dealerships vs. Dealership Sellers

Opinions are divided about buying cars from dealership sellers as compared to purchasing it from the dealers. Some believe that with dealers, the process is completely streamlined, whereas, in the case of dealership sellers, there is just too much hassle and chaos. This factor is not completely untrue, but it is also not that big a deal in this case. The fact is that there are several advantages of buying cars from authorized, which far offset the minor inconveniences that you might or might not face. When you buy from car dealerships in Bakersfield, you get various exciting offers that are hard to ignore. Also, you avail the chance of free service and repairing from a certain amount of time. 

Personal touch

One of the best things about dealership sales is that it has a kind of informal feel to it. The cars are usually bought right out of the driveway of the seller. So, you can see the car in its natural habitat. You also get to talk directly to the owner about the history and conditions of the car. It is much better than talking to the representative of the dealer who might not even know that much about the car.

Simple transactions

Dealership sales are also the way to go if you are planning to pay upfront for the car. The dealers, at times, end up complicating the process with extra paperwork and additional guarantees on parts and labor, added maintenance services, and other such high-end offers those buyers can easily do without.

Price factor

You will get a much lower price than usual when you rely on a dealership seller. If budget is your first concern, however, you have some cash on hand and do not need to finance, and then go to a private seller. It is a direct process, and so there are no documentation or dealer fees that you need to worry about. There is no need to write another check at the last moment because there are little to no overhead charges.

Level playing field

The professional dealer has sold countless cars, whereas you have hardly bought or sold one or two. So, when you are buying the car from a dealership seller, the playing ground gets leveled, and there is greater scope for negotiation.

Time factor

Dealership sellers want the sale to be completed as fast as possible so that they can go back to their lives. When you compare dealership-to-dealership sales with car dealers, you will see that the latter takes more time. Selling the car is his job, and he does it every day, and so, there’s no hurry. Kern County car dealer provides you with sufficient time so that you can weigh your options carefully and properly. 

So, if you are planning to buy a used car, your best bet would be to consider the authorized car dealership in your area. Meet them, talk to them, think about it, and then decide.

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