Thinking of hiring a new employee for your business but confused if they are the right one? A good starting point is to get a background check done like a national police check in Australia.

A lot of businesses require their new applicants to have a character check or a police check before hiring them. When it comes to placing them in a position where trust matters a lot, acquiring the most recent background check is a necessity.

But wait, you don’t have to go too far to do that. You don’t have to spend half of your day waiting in the queue or worrying to do the complicated task like filling up all the forms. It’s just a click away!

Online and reputable services like Australian National Character Check utilize the latest technology to get it in just a few steps. It is simple, safe and quick. With their unconventional and highly secure method, it is easy to trust them with your application. The application is highly secure through the use of encryption level technology that is also used by banks.

A national police check is also known as a Police Clearance Certificate, National Police/ Criminal History Check, Police Check or Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.


Let’s assume, you want to hire someone but have no idea about their previous criminal records. The national police check gathers all the information from conviction and police history to determine if they have any criminal history. A person’s pending charges and disclosable court outcomes are carefully outsourced from the national police agency database. This is then reported as a police check or character check certificate.

By doing so, the answer to whether or not a person should be recruited becomes easier. The business can also benefit by identifying someone as an offender and warn them of any potential risk that could possibly be caused by them.

It is legally required by some businesses and companies to have a Police Check for employment, licensing or registration purposes. Some occupations such as aged-care workers, lawyers, correctional staff, the police, taxi drivers etc. need a mandatory police check or criminal history check.


  • Protection of company information, property, people and assets
  • Helps a business maintain good reputation and culture
  • Reduction of theft
  • Helps to promote a secure and safe working environs
  • The trustworthiness and honesty of an applicant is ensured
  • Indirectly saves the cost and time on training and recruitment
  • Build up customer satisfaction and trust with the business


A greater number of businesses and workplaces have been found to be protected better with a national police check.

The chances of workplace theft, bullying, fraud, violence by employees and property damage have been reduced by a significant level.


Kickoff your business by eliminating the risks of corruption or fraud through pre-employment background checks for all the employees. This is the first and foremost step for any company.

Regardless of your location in Australia, it is possible to get a police check from an accredited agency. The national police check is valid for all the territories and states in Australia.

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