Gear Cutting Machine and Its Technique

Gear Cutting is a type of machine process which helps in creating a gear by various kinds of methods of gear cutting. The various kinds of gear cutting processes include grinding, milling, and broaching. Gears are made up of different types of materials like wood, plastic, and mainly of iron and steel. 

Let’s discuss the types of gear cutting processes.

  • Gear Milling is the primary and most wanted process for gear milling. The gear which requires not much accurate shape will be made by using this type of method. Although this method is not used much during this time this is an old type of gear cutting method.
  • Gear Hobbing is the most efficient process for gear cutting.In this method, the hob is used for trimming teeth into vacant. This method is a commonly used method for all types of products but mostly used for large and semi-large production.
  • Gear Shaping is the oldest method out of all the methods.The gears which cannot be produced by using the hobbing method are produced by shaping method, this technique is used for low as well as high production work. Cluster gears, racks, internal gears are made by using a gear shaping technique.
  • Broaching technique – For cutting a very large type of gears and making the shape of the tooth of the gear broaching method is used in. This can produce very large volume gear and not used in a small type of industry and it is very expensive in terms of cost.

Different types of gear cutters are available easily. Various gear cutters are based upon the profile of spur gear teeth.

  • Involute Gear – Gear hobbing process is used for making involute gear. Flexibility is very much necessary. While assembling involute gear and the surface should always be parallel to the surface of plane of contact. The hobbing process can be used for manufacturing gears accurately as required.
  • When teeth are less in numbers than involute gear cutter is not suitable. Lubrication is highly needed for this gear cutter.
  • All the gears we see in large machinery are involute gear like an automobile, earthmoving and all production machinery are a type of involute gear.
  • Cycloid Gear – Unlike involute gear, cycloid gear is used in a small type of machine like watches, in this gear free of size generation and mostly depends upon the number of teeth. But this gear work very less due to its vibration limitation as its teeth works very distance constant from centres of its gear.
  • Gear- Shaving machine has helped in gear tooth shaving, three methods are used in doing this process and a tool like a disc, rack, and warm shaver is used in this process.

Nowadays the machine works automatically and the process becomes very fast as compared with an earlier time.

There are a large number of gear cutting machine manufacturers available in the market so one can find very large quantity quotation if wants to purchase the gear cutting machine at a very affordable rate majorly depends upon the quality and type of machine one wants to purchase.

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