Xoxo Tours Hands Out an Opportunity to Take Away Locals for an Adventurous Holiday Together

If you are a solo traveler who loves to explore new places or solo travel destinations, you most likely know about the concept of social traveling. While solo traveling is fun, social traveling takes it up a notch by connecting people with like-minded travelers and locals all over the world. And this is done with the help of social traveling apps. These apps not only help you connect with other travelers but also make your trip more fun, exciting, meaningful, and organized. While there are several social travel apps available nowadays, Xoxo Tours can be considered as the big daddy of all. This is a 100% free social travel website that comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface and easy navigation features.


The main aim of Xoxo Tours is to connect solo travelers with fellow travelers and locals from all over the world. You have the option to chat and interact with them before finally deciding to make them your trip buddy and go on a vacation with them. The whole process of finding locals or like-minded travelers using this web-app is really easy, simple, and fun and that’s one of the reasons why people from around the world have been flocking to it in order to transform their travel experience. If you are still wondering why you should use it to find locals who you can take away on an adventurous holiday, we have shortlisted below some of its most lucrative features for you.


Features Offered by Xoxo Tours to Its Members:


  1. Free For 2 Months – It helps you to connect with other travelers and locals having similar interests as yours, and that too free of cost. Once you join it, you are provided with 30 to 60 days of free access.


  1. Easy Sign-Up – This is a feature which is highly appreciated, particularly by users who don’t like the lengthy registration process of filling up detailed questionnaires. The registration or the sign-up process at Xoxo Tours is extremely simple and straightforward. The registration process wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time. You can sign-up on the site easily using your Face book or Google account and then provide your picture(s) and some basic information for creating your profile. Once you are finished, you can then add your upcoming trip details and browse through other members’ profiles based on your preferences. When you get a successful match, you can proceed to chat with them and even make them your trip buddy


  1. Ads-Free Experience – How we hate the incessant ads thrown at us when we visit any website. If you are tired just like us of websites that show more ads than meaningful content, you are in luck. Unlike several travel websites that are loaded with unwanted and undesirable ads, Xoxo Tours is an ad-free site that doesn’t spam you with any irrelevant content. This not only helps you in smooth navigation but also saves your precious time.


  1. Simple To Use – One of the most desirable qualities in a website or an app is that it should be mobile optimized, simple to use, and doesn’t come with too many technical features. Xoxo Tours’ website comes with user-friendly features and is easy to navigate. It’s really simple to not only create a profile here but also match with other users and connect with them.


  1. Build Connections – It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a travel partner or in search of a local from the place you plan to visit who can show you around and with whom you can have a fun time, Xoxo Tours is the right place for you. The site has a pool of thousands of users from all over the world looking for the right match just like you. Forming connections with local singles and meeting new people has never been easier and we can thank this website for that.


  1. Privacy Policy – Xoxo Tours take the privacy concerns of its users seriously. All your personal information provided on this website is secured and not used without your consent.


Why Traveling with Locals is better?

Before you decide to travel someplace new, especially to a new country, you need to decide what traveling means to you. If it’s about partying, drinking, staying at expensive hotels, and interacting with only a few people around you, that could be done in your own country as well.


Traveling should be more about opening your mind, exploring new places, and learning more about the culture of that place. And this can be done only through the eyes of the locals. Top reasons why you should travel with a local are:


  • Travel Like A Local – If you are traveling to a new country or city, having somebody you know there is amazing. You can Google all the information you want before the trip, but only a local can show you which tourist place you should skip and which is worth your time. They will show you the best secrets of the town and the unexplored places, the most awesome hole-in-the-wall restaurants and cafes which most travelers usually miss.


  • Find Travel Buddy – One of the major reasons for traveling is to form connections. By traveling with locals and befriending them, you create unique connections and lasting memories. These people can also become your closest friends and your most favorite humans. You also learn so much when you converse with a local and may also have unfamiliar experience and learn new things or skills which to be honest will make your travel experience so much better.


  • Save Money – It’s a known fact that most of the tourist attractions charge more money from travelers. If you wish to avoid this tourist trap, you can do so by talking to locals. They could help you in finding affordable yet high-quality hotels, great food at low prices and also inform you about the right fare your taxi driver should be asking for. You no more are going to be overcharged for stuff when you travel like and with a local.


  • More Fun And Adventurous – Traveling with locals is more fun than traveling solo or traveling in a group. You get to experience a whole new culture, meet interesting people, travel to hidden gems of that city, eat some of the best food, and make so many unique memories. You know the feeling when you visit a new place and feel like an outsider wherever you go? Sometimes it feels like you stick out wherever you go and you just don’t belong there. There is nothing wrong with feeling like a tourist at a new place but if you are someone who gets bothered by it, a local can help you blend in. By not standing out, you feel more relaxed and at ease and be able to have fun in a real way.


  • More Insightful Trip – While going on a trip, planning is the key. A local can make your trip perfect by planning it in a customized way according to your interests and hobbies. You don’t have to visit the popular buildings and cafes in the town just because every other tourist is doing that. You can instead take the help of locals to visit the places and do the things that you are interested in and not because everyone else is doing it.


How to Meet Locals while Traveling Solo?


  • Learn The Local Language – When traveling to a new place, not knowing the local language can prove to be a big barrier while making friends. That’s why it is advised that you learn the local language before taking the trip. You can learn the local language by either downloading apps like Duo lingo, watching YouTube videos, or joining a language school. The world is filled with interesting people who have so many amazing stories to share with you. But if you don’t know their language, you will miss out on a lot of amazing stuff.


  • Social Travel Apps – The best way to meet locals is by using social travel apps like Xoxo Tours, Tourbar, or Miss Travel. These apps will seamlessly connect you with locals having similar interests as yours. This way you can chat, interact with them, and know them better before actually meeting them. This is important if you are a solo female traveler who is in search of a trusted local there. Its 2020, you shouldn’t be afraid to use the power of the internet to find a local or Travel Girls with whom you can chill and have fun while traveling. Solo traveling is a thing of the past, now it’s all about social traveling.


  • Local Dating Apps – Using dating apps, like Tinder and Bumble, is a great way to find locals. You don’t need to be looking for anything romantic to use these apps. These days dating apps have a separate section for people just looking for friends. You can use this feature to find yourself a friend who will show you around. However, you must be clear about your expectations with your matches from the start itself.


  • Local Events – Before your trip, you can find out online if there is any local event such as pub crawl, music concerts or, festivals happening in which you are interested. You can then go to these events and talk with the locals here. If there is no local event happening around the time of your visit, just go to a local pub and try to start conversations with people there. You don’t have to use cheesy pickup lines to initiate a conversation with people, just have simple fun, be yourself and you will be fine.


  • Chat/Talk With/To Local Singles – This is one of the most obvious yet underrated advice one should use while trying to meet locals. And probably one of the most unnerving ones as well. While traveling to a new place, you ought to have an open mind. Just start conversations with strangers around you in pubs, cafes, beaches, or even bus stops and you’d be surprised how easy it is to make friends. All you have to do is put your inhibitions aside and say the first hello. It’s important, however, that you don’t try too hard. Not everyone you meet would like to chat with you or be your friend, but some would and that’s amazing.


How to Meet Locals Using Xoxo Tours?

If you are a solo traveler looking for a local on Xoxo Tours, there are few simple steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the Xoxo Tours
  • Sign-up/create a profile by providing basic information. You also get the option to sign up using your email or Facebook account. Choose your preferred method to create your account.
  • Once your profile is created, add your upcoming trip details.
  • You can now browse profiles of the locals there and connect with them based upon your preferences such as age, gender, and interests.
  • When you get a successful match, you can contact the local and talk with him/her to know the person better.


While traveling solo is fun and has several benefits, it’s better if you have someone to share your travel experiences with. By interacting with locals and acquainting with them, you get to encounter the culture and tradition of the place you visit in a better and honest way. And what better way to meet locals than Xoxo Tours. It is a popular social travel site that you can use to meet locals easily and know them better.


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