The Best of Ferrari: 3 Exotic Models of the Latest Generation

For more than 70 years, Ferrari has gone from a small racing team promoting pilots to a manufacturer of premium sports cars. It’s not a secret that all road cars produced by an Italian company can participate in races. The cars of the Italian company are so popular that anyone can try such a vehicle. Exotic car rental in Los Angeles is the easiest way to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari to experience real power and speed.

As always, the latest generation of cars of the Italian brand offers a unique combination of beauty, style, power, and technology. Among them, the following 3 models should be distinguished…

1. Ferrari SF90 Stradale

The SF90 Stradale is the first Ferrari car with an electric four-wheel drive system. In addition, the car is of PHEV type, providing the ability to charge from the electric grid. That is, the owner is spared the main drawback of electric vehicles – the limited mileage on a single charge. If necessary, the hybrid can be connected to a power outlet for recharging, and when the charge level drops below a predetermined limit, the gasoline engine is activated.

The model features an interesting exterior, which received non-standard technical innovations. For example, the front bumper was divided into compartments with the aim of more rational redirection of air flows under the car bottom and sides, while the front wheels were equipped with personal diffusers.

In front, the bottom was raised 15 mm above the middle part for the sake of curved vortex generators, which increase the vacuum under the machine, as if pressing it to the ground.

Unconventional innovations were brought by Italian designers to the interior design of the car. So, this is the first work of the company that received a modern digital dashboard with a huge 16-inch high-definition screen. They tried to install the screen at a certain angle, so that it would be more convenient for the driver to follow the information on the functioning of automotive systems.

The Ferrari’s new addition is the multi-function touch-sensitive steering wheel. The power unit is a combination of a 4-liter V8 engine and three electric motors. Two of them are fixed on the front axle, while the latter is located on the rear one, contributing to the classic engine. The power of the engine is 780 hps, plus, another 220 hps come from electric motor. In total, the whole installation produces exactly 1,000 hps.

2. Ferrari F8 Tributo

Presented in March 2019 at the International Geneva Motor Show, a two-seater car stands out for its impeccable style, a body of tremendous aerodynamics, an ergonomic interior, excellent driving characteristics and the most modern technical equipment.

At the heart of the awesome supercar is the 720-hps 3.9-liter turbocharged petrol V8 engine, borrowed from the Ferrari 488 GTB and upgraded to higher levels. Such an outstanding engine, together with a 7-speed transmission, borrowed directly from Formula 1 car, provided the car with record-breaking characteristics.

The model reaches 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds, and its top speed is 340 km/h. Among the interesting technological improvements is SideSlipControl electronic assistant, which helps to drive the car on slippery roads during cornering.

Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer Plus assistant automatically controls the pressure level in the brake system, contributing to proper braking when maneuvering. In addition to the power unit, another pride of the car after can be called the appearance, characterized by excellent aerodynamic abilities of the car body.

It owes these qualities to the increased S-Duct air intakes, which were accommodated by replacing the headlights with more compact ones. Extra speed is provided by the venting hot air and the gills placed on the hood, as well as the latest, original shape spoiler.

3. Ferrari FX16 SUV

The most conservative car brands can’t resist the steady popularity of crossovers, trying to create their own luxury models. Ferrari has long denied even the possibility of existence of a unique crossover in the Italian ‘family’. However, the successful example of competitors who developed luxury SUVs forced the company management to reconsider the long-standing philosophy.

The first representative of the new Ferrari Utility Vehicle class will be a model built on a space frame with a 2-link suspension in front and a multi-link – in the rear part. The car will be 5-door, with the rear doors opening against the front and the middle pillar not designed at all for a wider opening.

The model will also receive air suspension, adaptive shock absorbers, a fully-controlled chassis comparable to the Audi Q7, as well as atmospheric 6.3-liter V12 engine producing 689 hps.

The company promises that the style of the car will follow the traditions of classic Italian sports cars, and have the dynamic characteristics along with control features and reliability of a full-fledged Ferrari.

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