Why Is Continuous Feedback Important For Enhancing Employees’ Performance?

How often do you review comments and likes when you post a photo on your Instagram or your Facebook? How excited you get to see likes, comments, and shares. What does it tell about our collective conscience? We desire for instant pleasure in the form of feedback and recognition. Don’t we require this fulfilment in our professional lives? 

We need it more in our business, as it is more social, and we need more collaboration, support, and recognition from our peers and colleagues. People beyond the globe now revealed to this trend, waking up to reality and finding continuous-feedback enabled technology to make about a change in their everyday work life.

How Continuous Feedback Makes Your Workforce Flexible And Collaborative?

Companies are gulping any practices and strategies that are flexible and accelerate outcomes in higher performance, greater collaboration, etc. For example, DevOps in software development gives a collaborative learning environment and promotes up the software release process. 

The successful integration of feedback-based collaborative practices in progress makes it encouraging for the organization to try it in various settings, including employee performance management.

The traditional Performance Management System relies on a succeeding analysis of the employees’ performance. It is more evaluative in quality and towards six-monthly reviews or annual reviews. Today the purpose of performance management is not just evaluation but coaching and improvement. While a lot of companies drive employee development as a part of performance review exercise, it could be departed from an employee perspective. 

Continuous Performance Conversations are the most beneficial bet to change this trend. Following companies include check-ins, conversations, constant feedback and different ways to collaborate with peers and managers faster and continuously.

Continuous feedback presents an event to share their feedback, appreciation, Thank you and suggestions. This enhances the trust between the employee and their managers/colleagues. It promotes team engagement and collaboration. Prompt and cooperation are the buzzwords of a flexible workplace.

Why is Continuous Feedback Essential For Personal And Also Business Growth?

Feedback is a glass that shows our powers and weaknesses. It helps us distinguish our blind spots. Most of the time, we are accustomed to our impressions and missed to see it on our own. Feedback from the character we trust and admire most helps us know the blind spots, work on them and grow personally and also professionally.

Personal growth and profession growth are twisted in business unless you are a copy machine. One without the opposite is unsustainable. Continuous Feedback strengthens both achievement and self-development. 

Adobe is the advanced adopter of the permanent feedback-based performance management method. It helped their employees have essential conversations on work and career goals through check-ins.

It has a significant impact on their business growth and their employees’ personal growth so much so that the industry follows its lead without skipping a beat.

A McKinsey survey shows that 74 per cent of employees whose managers were giving Continuous Employee Feedback and coaching said they have an efficient performance management system. And, they are also ready to contain the decline well within their team.

Continuous Feedback For Teamwork

Feedback should be multi-directional and introduce peer-to-peer feedback and higher feedback for holistic adaptation of feedback culture within the company. It makes more reason to train and make your whole workplace ready to give and receive feedback in a useful way. 

Only if you train your employees on feedback, you can regularly and successfully combine it into their culture and reap benefits. A Bersin research on continuous feedback assumes that peer-to-peer feedback has a strong positive impact on the collaboration.

Continuous Feedback On Goals And Achievements

Improved performance management software can assist you in initiating a focused conversation on each target. Managers and employees share their constant feedback specific to a purpose, and it is the digital trail of trials and tribulations they face to achieve that goal. 

The employees can share their difficulties and offer guidance to overcome it. The manager can train the employees and help them achieve the task on time. The manager also can proactively give his information and suggestion when the progress is slacking. The constant feedback shows a clear image of the coaching, development, and process in the making. Also, during performance review and evaluation, these recognition, performance conversations can be applied to understand the level of performance and achievement of the employee.

Instant recognition and spot rewards mainly through Continuous Feedback

Continuous feedback tools assist you to share your attention to your associates to recognize their accomplishments or to express your appreciation when they go out of their way to support you with something. 

Public recognition improves the morale and team spirit of your people. Rewards and recognition through constant feedback are the best way to build collaboration, sharing and inspiring them to support each other.

Continuous feedback serves to increase your employees’ performance, achieve a higher level of Employee Engagement and marketing objectives. If you want innovation, revenue growth, and employee compensation, then it is best to concentrate on continuous feedback-based performance management.  

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