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5 best ways to boost your WiFi signal in 2020

In this era of wireless connectivity and advance technology, wifi has become one of the most important things in our life! If you want to make most of your WiFi then you should ensure that you are getting the best wifi signal from your router. Earlier we have done an article about which is the best time to use a tinder boost, in this article, we are gonna tell you the best ways to boost your Wifi signal.

With some simple ways, you can easily boost the wifi signal and make sure you are getting the best speed so that you can play games, attend video conferences without any interruptions as well as download large files within the minimum time possible.

We have listed out the 5 best ways to boost your WiFi signal, so let’s not waste any more time and get to the point.

5 best ways to boost your WiFi signal:

1.. Find the right spot for your router 

The place of your router can make a big difference and not many people give it a thought but finding a perfect spot is very important to get maximum signal and high-speed internet. You should avoid placing the router near any metal object and appliances that emit electromagnetic waves, as it can affect the wifi signal.

Some other appliances like washing machine, TV, phones, heaters etc can also affect the wifi signal so you should avoid placing your wifi router near them. So you can place your wifi router somewhere in the center where these appliances and any other objects are not too close to it. Also, you would wanna place it at some height. You can also try to place your wifi router near the ceilings which can also provide signals to the second floor too (if you live in a multistore building).

2.. Update your router 

Just like applications on your phone, the routers also needed to be updated from time to time. It not only help you to get stronger signal but you will be secure from malware attacks too. If your router isn’t frequently updated it will significantly invite malware threats as well as jeopardize your privacy.

So for strong signal and secure router you should always keep your router updated. You can easily update the router from online websites.

3.. Use a stronger antenna 

Although the router comes with an antenna but mostly the antenna will be small and weak. But if you wanna boost yiur wifi signal then you can always go for a big antenna. Although a starring antenna would be larger in size but if that’s not your concern then you should always stick the stronger antenna. A 10 dB antenna is in between 10 to 15 inches long.

There are different types of antenna present in the market but we would suggest you to buy a rubber duck antenna. It is made up of rubber or plastic and it surely does a great job in boosting your wifi signal.

4.. Take a look at your frequency

It’s a basic rule that high-frequency routers will be faster in speed. Apart from high speed, a high-frequency router is likely to encounter less interference from other wireless networks and devices. Most people suggest using a 5GHz frequency rather than a normal 2.5GHz frequency.

5.. Make a strong wifi password 

If you think nobody will try to back your wifi connection then you are wrong because people still like to use their wifi rather their own to cut the wifi bill. So it’s smart that you out a strong password which will prevent anyone from hacking your wifi signals and slowing down your internet connection. So if you have a weak password then it’s time to come up with something smart.

So these are the best ways to boost your wifi signal without going through any trouble. Other than these ways, you can always buy a wifi booster or extended to boost your wifi signals and enjoy fast speed internet connection!

These simple ways will make a big difference in your wifi signal so don’t forget to try them out. We hope our article was a help to you and you can now enjoy fast speed internet connection. This article is submitted by questionsgems team. Thank you for visiting our page.

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