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Using a YouTube Channel as a Social Media Marketing Strategy to Promote Your Business

Do you know that 59% of business executives prefer watching videos online rather than reading a piece of content?

It’s also interesting to note that every 6 out of 10 individuals like video platforms in comparison to watching live TV.

You must be wondering why I’ve started the blog with these couple of interesting stats. My aim here is to shake you up that online video marketing tactics have gained momentum and that’s the reason why 81% of the business enterprises are videos to promote their business and it is part of their Social Media Marketing Strategy. Hurry up!

If you are looking for a reliable and most reached out video platform to market your products and services, then YouTube is the most preferred destination with 1.9 billion users and more than 1 billion subscribers.

And there are some more reasons why you should create and upload videos on YouTube.

  • First, the cost to create and upload any video on YouTube is free. You don’t need to pay anything but accept the pre-included promotional ads.
  • YouTube videos appeal and attract people of all age groups.
  • 72% of the consumers say that they learn about a product by watching its video.

So, without wasting any more time further, let’s dive into the viable strategies to promote your business on YouTube channel.

How to Promote Your Business Using a YouTube

Building a YouTube Strategy 

The first and foremost step that you need to take is creating a YouTube strategy to target your potential customers. Building an effective YouTube social media marketing strategy helps you reap various benefits and strive towards your goals.

Specific achievements include increasing your product sales, driving more traffic to your site, generating more leads, and improving your brand awareness and engagement.

You also need to identify your objectives to create the right type of videos. Apart from that, you need to decide the approximate length of the video that you will be shooting.  According to the experts, the ideal length of a YouTube video is between 15 to 20 minutes. Most people don’t like watching long videos.

Types of Videos You Should Create 

Well, to begin with, there are different types of marketing-based videos that you can create to promote your business. We can divide these into three major categories-

  1. Videos for Creating Brand Awareness – This kind of video helps you get your customers on your radar. It usually creates your brand awareness with high-entertainment with a broader appeal. The purpose of such a video is to attract as many people as possible.
  2. Videos for Customer Engagement – This is said to be the next step after creating brand awareness where you start getting audience reaction in the form of like, comment, or share. You can find out whether or not the customer has liked your product or not.
  3. Educational Videos- This is more like an informative form of video where you usually teach or inform your customers about something. The videos basically solve a problem such as tutorials, health, and medical-related videos, or videos for school and college students. It is to be noted that 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem.

Creating High-Quality Videos 

We talked about the ideal length of a YouTube video but for starters, you can keep the length ranging from 2 to 4 minutes long. However, above everything else, you should always focus on creating high-quality content videos. Your videos should have a professional look with HD quality videos.

You may film the videos using any device but make sure that you have sufficient lighting and everything is clearly visible on the screen. It is recommended that you shoot the video from a good digital camera placed on a tripod to get steady shots.

Once you have completed shooting the video, you need to edit the same for which some basic editing skills and software are required. You need to upload an absolutely clear video that does not contain any errors.

Choosing the Right Set of Keywords 

Well, this is one of the common social marketing strategies that you need to follow while creating YouTube videos as well. Most of the people search for YouTube videos by typing the relevant keywords similar to what they do in Google.

For example, if you are selling online academic assignments to college and university students, then the related keyword would be ‘Online Study Assignments for MBA and Engineering Students.’ or ‘Get Completed MBA and Engineering Assignments Online’.

You need to make sure that you are including the keyword in the video title as well as in the description part. You will have to find the best and trending keywords for your video niche. Please conduct online research or take the help of relevant tools to find the right set of keywords.

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Adding an Effective Call to Action 

Call to Action is one of the instant’s social media marketing tactics that immediately draws the attention of the customers.  It tells or requests the users to take some sort of action such as buying the product or using the services, etc. Call to Action is not only used on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts but also in YouTube videos as well.

You need to include the CTA in the description of the video, which should be linked to your website. You should ask people to visit your website towards the end of the video. You can also ask users to rate, like, comment or subscribe to your YouTube channel in the CTA.

Promoting Your YouTube Channel

I know you have created a YouTube channel to market your products and services, but you also have to promote your video as well so that more people can watch the video and subscribe to your channel. You can spread the word on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Get Ready to Promote Your Business Now 

YouTube is one of the fastest and most effective ways to target more potential audiences in a short time. You can easily attract people through appealing videos. Start filming videos to promote your business through the right keywords and spread the word via social media. Your audience will certainly grow over time.

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