Why is inspection software a must-have tool for high-risk industries?

Many businesses operate under high risks, which are inherent to the business processes depending on the nature of the industry. Businesses like oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, construction, transport, and petrochemicals all come under the high-risk category because many aspects of these business processes involve operations that are fraught with hazards.  All such industries must have adequate safety measures in place to ensure a safe working environment and protect employees from injuries and accidents by avoiding unwanted exposure to risks. 

Besides the industries mentioned above, many other industries are considered high-risk sectors, and it is the responsibility of employers primarily as well as employees to ensure that they can mitigate risks at the workplace by following the laws and rules about health and safety as outlined by OSHA guidelines. Companies can use inspection software for high risk industries that helps in better compliance with safe working standards.

What is a high-risk environment?

The place of work and the environment, as well as the operational processes, are factors that help to determine the potential risks and hazards that could arise for people working at that place. Sometimes the conditions of working are unsafe, like working at height as it happens during roof maintenance or cutting trees. In addition to the workmen, auditors and inspectors assigned with the task of monitoring safety at the workplace are also exposed to risks as their roles entail conducting checks in confined and enclosed spaces that have exposure to chemicals and other hazardous substances.  

Mitigating the risk

Continuous evaluation of the workplace and assessment of the working methods practiced by the employees is the only way to identify the threats to safety and work towards developing safe working procedures. This would entail periodical inspection and audit to list down the findings and analyze the data to identify the risks.  Instead of depending on manual audits, the task becomes much easy by using software meant for high-risk industries, something like Health and Safety Inspection Software that supports safety audit processes and mobile inspections. 

How does the software help?

  • The software provides custom made forms to conduct the audit according to a checklist that complies with the OSHA guidelines. 
  • It complies with the Health and Safety Management system of organizations. It simplifies the task of auditors by ensuring that they adhere to every point in the checklist that leads to a comprehensive assessment of the systems.
  • Since the process is automated, it saves enormous time in data assimilation and analysis while eliminating the chances of human error to provide accurate reports. The software enables developing customized solutions that organizations benefit from implementing following the laid down procedures.
  • The availability of holistic data helps to make a precise decision faster and better digital compliance with various regulatory requirements like ISO, OSHA, OHSAS, COR, etc.

The software enables paperless field operations as well as mobile site inspections by accessing a centralized data system integrated across the locations by using cloud technology. The software is the ultimate tool for monitoring safety regulations and ensuring compliance.


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