A Short Guide On SEO Company And What They Do

Have you ever wondered how a professional SEO Company in Bangalore operates or how do they help your website rank on top of competitors? Vastly experienced SEO companies will assess your website, modify it accordingly, and test it before they republish your website.

Let’s take the guide about an SEO company and how do they transform an ordinary website into lead-generating ones. Let’s read…

What is an SEO company?

In brief, an SEO company or agency is a team of experts that helps businesses to increase their visibility by increasing their ranking in search results. For such, they conduct a wide array of tasks including website analysis, keyword research, content optimization, and SEO analysis and reporting. 

Practicing SEO is a dual-sided factor, where it increases your website’s feasibility to search engines, and on another, makes your content more acceptable to consumers.

How do they operate?

Let’s face it! A few months earlier, your website was staggering in Google results; you hired a Digital marketing agency in Bangalore and now your website is always among the top results. But how did they do it? Let’s find out.

It all starts with business analysis and website analysis with a good SEO company. There’s no predetermined formula for SEO, and with varying industries, one strategy beneficial for one client may not even be effective for you.

Step1# Website Analysis

They’ll analyze current performance to understand loopholes and implement strategies accordingly. For such they check

  • Site encryption
  • Back-end and front-end
  • Analytics setup
  • Page speed
  • Mobile-friendliness.

Step2# Keyword Research

Keywords are a fundamental pillar for SEO and play an important role in website ranking. The company will

  • Look into your competitor’s keyword strategy, 
  • Conduct further keyword research, and 
  • Generate a list of target keywords to use across your website.

Step3# On-Page Optimization

After assessing your site’s architecture, analyzing contents, and measuring keyword density they’ll enact on-page strategies to turn weaknesses into strengths. In the meantime, they’ll

  • Optimize page title and meta description
  • Remove duplicate contents and place fresh ones
  • Apply keywords thoroughly
  • Make your website clear, concise, and scannable.

Step4# Off-Page Optimization

Equal to on-page practices, off-page SEO is the activities your SEO agency performs outside your website that increases authority, trustworthiness, and relevance for your site. It includes

  • Link building
  • Submit press releases
  • Social media marketing.

Step5# Data Analysis And Experimentation

Data is wasted if they’re not analyzed and a good SEO company never misses it. Through this, you find out strategies that performing well and the areas need improvement.

How Do They Help Your Business Grow?

If executed the strategies accordingly, your SEO company will harness you with

  • Higher website ranking
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Increased ROI, and
  • More time to focus on your business.

Final Words…

Don’t fall for words of assured results, rather look into their portfolio. As Google never hints about their algorithms and no SEO company on Earth can exactly predict the best SEO tactics to rank your website to the optimum position in SERPs.

In case you need a reliable SEO Company in Bangalore, instead of hurrying to analyze what they offer, ask yourself first –

Are they relevant for your business? And, are there any chances for you to get long term results?

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