banner hanging technique

The banner hanging technique is as essential as the hanging banners and here is how to do it

Banners are the quintessential publicity material that promises high brand visibility at low cost, especially at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions, parties, and conventions. Attractively designed banners with eye-catching graphics will surely grab eyeballs, but a lot depends on the size of the banner and its placement. The techniques of banner placement at the tradeshows are different from placing hoardings and billboards along the roadside. To draw the attention of people at tradeshows and exhibitions, you must set the banners at such positions, so that does not pose any problem to view at any angle and from all places without any hindrance. Placing the banners at height is the best way to avoid the crowded places on the ground and maintain uninterrupted visibility, but the best option is to hang it from the ceiling like the sky tube hanging banners.

Hanging the indoor signage to maintain its high appeal is not at all easy unless you are aware of the most effective ways of doing it. The banner must not only be visible, but the graphics and letters must be legible. Choosing the right type of sign hanging hardware or kit will ensure that the banner remains tight and taut with a slightly curved surface so that the graphic and text is legible from any angle. 

The tips discussed in this article should help you get the most from the hanging banners that light up the entire space.

Get the right hanging hardware

Getting the right hardware that holds the banner and makes it hang from the ceiling is of utmost importance because how good the banner will look depends on it. Even the best-designed banner may fail to appeal if the hanging is not proper. Choose aluminum hardware because it is sturdy but light and preferably constructed in a single piece. Ideally, the hardware should be capable of accommodating 1/8” thick banners.  The hardware should have holes drilled in it for easy fitting to the ceiling by using some accessories.  

Use Banner hanger stabilizers 

After ensuring that you hang the banner properly, the next thing to address is that the banner should maintain a steady display without flapping in the breeze or the corners curling. Simply said, the banner must stay stretched tightly when hanging so that the graphics and text are distinctly visible.  To hold the banner in place by keeping it well spread, you must use banner hanger stabilizers. These sign-holding accessories add weight to the bottom of the banners so that even if it says in the breeze, it does not fold or bend.  

Aluminum banner hangers

Aluminum banner hangers look sleek, elegant, and much more sophisticated than hanging banners with dowels and pole pockets.  To get the most from the banner, which you may have designed with a lot of creativity, there is nothing better than using aluminum banner hangers that can bring out the best. The hangers come with internal holders that hold the banner in place and prevent slipping.

The banners are mostly foldable, which makes it easy to carry.

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