7 Simple Steps not to ruin your IT security career

The IT industry is very promising, as well as an entrepreneurial working atmosphere that has had a huge impact on the economy and society over the past few decades. If you are in love with technology and enjoy working with computer hardware, software, algorithm, or chain systems of network, a career in Information Technology is the best platform for you. Graphics, visual animation, web development, games, and application development, and networking, including all kinds of computer repair, are the best possibilities. But here are some factors you need to have in mind to not destroy a security career in the IT sector.

  1. Game of politics.Working hard to establish a strong work relationship is very different from pointing the finger at a colleague who is similar to spreading rumors. Now, it comes back to the topic of authenticity. It is better to stick to policies that you would be benefited from rather than resolving some baseless issues.
  2. Encouraging fake hopes: It is tempting to promise the moon to a company or the clients, especially when you have a name in honesty and hardworking. The problem is that it is baseless to create extra pressure that can make your image look bad. If you fail to achieve a goal within the deadline by a little bit, it is most appropriate for others to likely think that it is just the use of attractive words and no work.
  3. Smugness:This is defined as some extra pride in the achievements of an individual. If you have not been creative lately, whereas you have a good name in that realm, you probably define yourself by this factor.
  4. Fear of change.Fear of change is considered as the twin measurement of smugness. It reportedly stays alive to keep things the same as they were before. But in the IT field, any ambiguity related to the change is considered as a failure within.
  5. Ego issues:No one ever thinks of working with a person with several ego issues because nature and peace of mind matter the most to work efficiently in a company that is as big as an IT sector. This is a serious concern since it indirectly affects the company’s internal policies and causes a delay in the delivery of projects that were promised to be delivered within a stipulated time.
  6. Low emotional intelligence (EQ): It is a problem that can have a strong judgement because this is considered to be more important than the IQ of a human. This aspect deals with the psychology and emotional stability. A person can get into an argument if there is a situation where there is a lack of understanding about how a person feels. This can, in turn, prove to be fatal for both the individual as well as the company. Lately, there is a chance of losing the job well over small issues, which is rather a bigger concern for almost all people. This can rather be said to be a small stimulus or a nerve activation that has much adverse impact than one can think of practically. However, this can be dealt with if there is a proper presentation of ideas and various ways to represent them.
  7. Low self-esteem: Self-esteem is nothing but the self-evaluation of the own worth related to the subjective discussion. It is a very highlighted sphere of psychological as well as a mental issue. Academic achievement, career management, and prospects in any technology field require self-worth, which provides a kick to the person who feels unworthy of certain jobs and takes more time to cope with the situation. This is a vital aspect in the IT sector since all the well dressed intellectuals aim at making a revolutionary change in this world daily, which is practically impossible to achieve if the self-worth is not up to the mark. Lastly, the expected changes can alter for this very reason, which needs to be dealt with effectively as well as efficiently.


Thus, keeping all the above-explained points, one can easily avoid ruining a career, especially when the situation demands something creative as well as attractive. Taking care of the above mentioned things could just help you set a bar in your career.


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