Women in the 40s: How to still look Fashionable and Stylish?

If you think that after hitting your 40s you are too old-aged to dress fashionably then you are wrong. Fortunately?

Here’s the deal. There is no age limit for fashion. You can even hit 60s and still be the center of the attention in a party. And this doesn’t mean you will have to go through skin procedures to deal with those wrinkles. Instead, you can dress according to your age and can still look great.

But don’t really know what to do and what not to? Don’t worry. We will take you through some tips and advices. Follow them, and you will be a statement of fashion in the rest of your 40s.

How should you carry yourself?

Great Fashion doesn’t mean just good clothes. Instead, there are other things as well which really elevates one’s looks and style.

  1. Embracing and Confidence

Let’s face it. You have passed your teenage years, and are now way into adult life. By embracing such facts, it will be much easier for you to focus on your own self. Is it even possible to love yourself if the only things you find in your personality are flaws? With embracement comes confidence. And once you are that, you will want to take more and more care of yourself.

  1. Don’t think of dressing like your daughter

Long gone are the days when you were a hip teenager. And that’s why you can’t dress like one today. Although the fashion trend keeps evolving, what works best for women in teens does not work for women in the 20s and beyond. Similarly, what works for women in the 20s will not work for you in the 40s.This is why instead of focusing what young women of the era are wearing, you should focus on fashion statements appropriate for your own age.

  1. Take risks and be bold

Hitting your 40s also doesn’t mean you show throw all colorful, patterned and beautifully cut dresses out of your wardrobe. Regardless of the age, you can even wear a beautiful black dress or a pink coat. By exploring new styles, you can push out of your comfort zone and try better looks.

  1. Stay updated with fashion trends

I mean why do you have to go through it alone? If you really want to stay fashionable then, you should keep a keen eye on the current fashion trends and styles. Keep all your favorite magazines with you, read online, attend fashion runaway shows and admire the women around you.

  1. Appreciate revolution in your fashion sense

Just five years back, you might dress up in some particular way every day. However, fashion evolves and you should too. You shouldn’t stick to just one fashion niche thinking that you can dress up like that for the next 10 years. Instead, change how you style with your mood, likings and latest trends.

What should you wear (and what not)?

We’ll give you some ideas.

  1. Perfectly Fit clothes

    Yes, really. Nothing looks worse than fitted or baggy clothes. Your physique changes as you grow older. Therefore, you should take out some time to really know what fits you and what does not. Trust me, throw out everything that doesn’t fit anymore or get tailored them accordingly.

  1. Proper attire

    You can grab a women’s bomber leather jacket, classic jumpsuit, chic blazer or even high-fitted jeans. Some attires are just for every age. However, there are certain clothes you should be careful of. These include miniskirts, fitted leggings, ripped jeans, mini dresses and really undersized shorts. They just don’t make you look good.

  1. Great footwear

    Just like clothes, footwear really matters. While choosing shoes, your comfort matters. Sure, high heels look good but wear them only if you know you won’t end up with sore feet. At all cost, avoid flip flops, unless you are going to a beach. The best footwear for anyone in their 40s will be thong sandals, flat pumps, and shoes with arch support.

  1. Sunglasses, watches and just any accessories

    You can combine your outfits with jewellery, watches or sunglasses because these simply suit all ages. We personally recommend wearing contemporary, statement necklaces and earrings or something that suits your personality. Similarly, you should choose sunglasses that suits your face cut. Sunglasses will help protect the delicate skin around your eyes, so it’s a must wear when going out in the afternoon.

  1. Shawls and Scarfs

    A cool scarf or shawl can greatly enhance the look of your plain outfit. Even if you are no longer in your 20s, you are not obliged to choose plain, bland scarfs. Instead, you can opt for a splash of bright colors and patterns too. Plus, if it gets a little chilly outside, a shawl will keep you warm.

  1. Makeup

    Beauty does not have an age restriction but as you grow older the skin loses its elasticity and collagen. The skin becomes less stiff, and this is why it becomes important to choose the right beauty products. We recommend using:

  • A hydrating Primer that will smoothen, flatten and keep your skin intact.
  • Good-quality foundation that does not settle in your wrinkles but leaves your skin and complexion even.
  • Concealer, the best way to get rid of dark circles and baggy eyes. However, make sure to use one with a more liquid consistency as it will not dehydrate your skin.
  • An eyebrow pencil because as you grow older eyebrows tend to lose their shape. A good eyebrow pencil will give a much younger look by filling in the gaps.
  • Blush, eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick because you shouldn’t shy off from looking the way you want. But also make sure to exfoliate and hydrate your skin first.
  1. Smile

    Probably the most important thing to wear. So, what if you have past your teenage years and mid-20s? Just look at Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston who pay no heeds to their age in public. In the same way, you should be confident about your looks and just put on a beautiful smile for yourself.

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The Takeaway

Just a little focus on the dressing and makeup, with a hint of confidence, is what needed to make you a diva, even in your 40s. However, you should focus on your nutrition and diet as nothing is more important than health. So don’t shy away from trying new fashion trends and styles. Do you also have tips on how to dress and wear makeup? Let us know in the comments.

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