wedding anniversary gifts for your parents

25th wedding anniversary gifts for your parents

Being married for 25 years is in itself a sense of accomplishment. The couple who spent a silver jubilee loving each other and building their family nest deserves to get a grand celebration. It’s a landmark year in any couple’s life who has seen many crests and troughs of life together. Children of such blessed couples should make this day memorable for their parents by not just throwing an extravagant party to celebrate 25 years of togetherness but also gifting them a unique gift which they can cosset for a lifetime and proudly show off among other relatives. We understand you all must be juggling between choosing the best gift for such an auspicious occasion, we are here to take the burden from your shoulders and suggest you the best 25th wedding gift ideas for your parents.

Here are 5 gift ideas you can gift your parents: 

1. Platinum Love Bands:

Every day of your rare togetherness is a day worthy of a celebration. Your parent’s silver jubilee celebration deserves to be premium in all ways and what’s more lavish than gifting your parents the unique platinum love bands and ask them to exchange the rings in the party. There are many options available online to choose the perfect couple love bands for your beloved parents and mark them as a sign of their infinite love.

2. A Handmade Painting:

It’s always better to preserve your memories the most eccentric way that not just holds tight emotions but that always stay close to your heart. Gifting customised handmade portraits have now become a fashion in the western countries and people are loving it. You can gift your parents their Oil painting specially hand drawn by an Artist by uploading their pictures on various sites dealing in handmade portraits online or you can even gift them an entire family portrait. Amazing part is you can order it online with hefty discounts going on, delivered directly to your doorstep on the day of celebration.

3. Personalised Cake:

Celebrations are always incomplete without a cake. A freshly baked personalised cake adds a flavor of sweetness and happiness, on the other hand, sparkles every simple moment into a celebration with the creation of uncountable memories we can treasure for life. You can order a personalised 3 tier photo cake for your parents 25th anniversary where you can get multiple pictures of your parents engraved on the cake. You can also customise the flavour of the cake be it chocolate, pineapple, butterscotch or any other flavour or color of your choice. With the hefty preparations you actually don’t have to step out to get the perfect cake on board but you can order it online and get it delivered to the venue anywhere in India. Many companies are doing online cake delivery in patna, Hyderabad, pune and even many remote areas of India.

4. Couple Watches Set:

A gift made in heaven for the timeless couple! Felicitating your parents with Couple Watch sets is not classy but also adds to the charm of the couple who own that night. In couple watches set there are many categories available too like the workaholic couple collection, wedding collection, casual collection and even more. Even they have varied strap options available like all black watches, gold chain watches, silver dial etc. you can even customise them if you want some specific designs. You can select the perfect wrist watches for your dear parents from the top brands like Rolex, Daniel Wellington, Giorgio Armani and Fossil. You can search for them online and get crazy discounts while checkout. I guess, that’s quite a steal deal and your parents are going to love it.

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5. Weekend Getaways:

Weekend Getaways are really important and very much important to detoxify your body and rejuvenate your mind. After all the stress and hard work your parents did for so many years, they deserve to be treated with an exotic short vacation where they can go and spend some quality time together. If you have a good budget you can gift them a short vacation to a foreign country like a 6 day tour to Bali or a perfect romantic weekend in Paris. But if you are a little tight on your budget then don’t worry, India has its own god damn collection of perfect holiday hot spots. You can gift them a week trip to Kerala or how about exploring the far-flung islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Well, that sounds really hot!

Selecting the right gift for your parent’s 25th anniversary is a tedious job, we tried hard to solve your problem with our little efforts. Make sure you choose the perfect gift for them which is wrapped up with the love and warmth of your bonding but don’t forget to make the anniversary decorations drool worthy.

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