The Importance of Family Law Attorneys 

A family lawyer or attorney is mandated to handle all legal matters that arise concerning a family. Such issues may include divorce, child custody, child or spousal abuse, adoption, prenuptial agreements, among others.

The family lawyers’ job is to solve these disputes amicably and out of court if possible.

What does a family law attorney do?

  1. Divorce Cases


Nobody expects to get divorced after marriage. If it were so, then we wouldn’t have so many weddings.

Everybody who gets married expects to be married forever. Couples never bargain for the day their marriage would come to an end.

But marriages do end, and divorce happens to the least deserving.

The divorce process is harrowing and does not always go smoothly. People who have gone through a divorce will tell you how terrible it is. Not only does it wreck emotions, but it is also costly and can prove to be an experience not worth experiencing.

That’s why there are divorce lawyers. These lawyers act as mediators on behalf of the partners seeking a divorce. Because their finances and emotions are not involved, they smoothen things out so that the process can be as painless as possible for both parties.

  1. Estates and Wills

There are many cases of disputes over inheritance after the death of the primary breadwinner of the family. These differences may be so profound that family members end up harming each other.

The best way to solve such cases is to hire a family attorney. You wouldn’t want to hear about your family members killing each other just because they want a piece of your property after your demise. But, these incidences do happen.

No wonder the primary breadwinners are always advised to write a will just in case the unfortunate happens, and they meet their death.

Family law attorneys can help you draft your testament and execute them after your demise. They are also mandated to shelve disputes that might arise regarding the will and estates distribution.

  1. Child Custody Agreements

When couples separate, the children shouldn’t be left stranded. A competent family lawyer like the one from Jensen Family Law – Mesa; must ensure this by helping the partners draft an agreement regarding the children’s custody.


However, other child custody cases involve parents who never got married in the first place. Family law attorneys can also take care of such instances conveniently by mediating on behalf of their relevant parties.

  1. Prenuptial Agreements

Sometimes when two people want to get married, they can decide to have an agreement about property division in case of a divorce. The family lawyer before the marriage typically handles such cases.

The attorney will assist the couple in drafting the prenuptial agreement and all other matters that may arise concerning the contract at a later date.

Although the prenuptial contract agreement varies from case to case, most times, it is about property and provision for spousal support in case the marriage does not hold.

  1. Court Representations

Most family law cases are resolved outside the court. Family law attorneys always do their best to make sure that disputes do not end up in court.

But still, some cases end up in court. The attorney is, therefore, has to represent the family members in court.

They are experts in the art of law that involves family and can help the family get justice.

  1. Child and Spousal Abuse

In case of abuse, a family law attorney can help the abused family member get the required justice.

These are the rare cases that end up in court because full action of the law is necessary to ensure that such incidences never happen again.

  1. Adoption/Foster Care

Family law attorneys also work with social workers to handle issues arising about child custody in fostering cases. Though their services are not a must, having a lawyer explain the finer details is essential.

Many people don’t know that adoption can be a complex problem needing legal representation. They assume that taking a child out of their misery by giving them a place to call home is as far as it goes as long as the relevant authorities are in agreement.

However, adoption is a very complex problem, and a family attorney can offer assistance to explain the legal process and help draft documents for the same.

It is in your best interest to get a lawyer to at least explain the legal implications of adoption before you settle on adopting a child.


A family law attorney is an influential person to include in your affairs if you want your life to have no complications. He or she will come in handy at one point in your life. Whether it is divorce, child custody, abuse, will documentation, or drafting property agreements, you will, at one point in life, need to enlist the support of a lawyer.



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