6 Secrets No One Will Tell You About Fast Credit Repair

6 Secrets No One Will Tell You About Fast Credit Repair

For anyone whose credit report makes you cringe every time you look at it, you will appreciate knowing secrets to credit repair. Increases your credit score gradually over time is possible. This is through strategies like timely payment of bills and avoiding habits that might compromise your credit score including collection accounts, charge-offs, and bankruptcy. When looking for a mortgage, approval for a better credit card, or car loan requires credit repair.

Credit repair secrets you’ll appreciate knowing

Negative information

Look out for erroneous, out-dated, and non-verifiable data on your credit files on receiving credit reports. Credit repair services help dispute this information. You can as well delete these accounts from the credit reports. On receiving a dispute about your account, the Credit Report Act mandates the credit reporting bureau to indicate the account affected by this dispute in the credit report.

This limits the capturing of the disputed accounts in your credit history to affect your credit score.Credit report bureaus take about more than 30 days to investigate disputed accounts. Throughout this period, the accounts are not included when calculating your FICO score. This is a quick solution to legitimately improving your credit score.

Credit card debt

You should get bad credit help from a professional agency to build your credit score. The company will remove credit card debt and considerably lower the balance. Keep in mind that credit card debt can make up about 30 percent of your credit card score. When looking forward to knocking down credit card balances, the credit repair company will assist you to improve credit score in about 30 to 60 days on the reduction of debt.

Timely payments

You can end up with a consistent low credit score despite full payment of credit cards. This results from the failure to make timely payments. This payment pattern hurts your credit score since balancing of report balances happens once a month. Therefore, depending on when creditors balance your credit report, late payments might make you a riskier borrower than you are. The best way to repair your credit score fast is by paying up credit card balances before the due date.

With this, the credit card company won’t report your due balances like for a monthly statement but a reduction to the credit report bureau. Paying your credit balances in full leads to a reduction or zero balance and increases your credit score. You are likely to check your credit reports with each highlighting payment details to the credit bureau before payment due date.

Rapid re-scoring

When seeking a mortgage with a credit report having errors or older dates like last month’s high credit balance, consider rescoring. This requires reaching out to a lender and applying for a mortgage after clearing an inaccurate date. The mortgage lender contacts your credit bureaus on your behalf for information requiring immediate updating in your credit reports.

This allows replacing erroneous data from the credit reports with updated information. Your lender asks the credit report bureaus to immediately refresh and update your credit report to reflect updated information on your accounts. With an updated credit report, your credit score subsequently improves. This fast process works within 48 hours with requests given priority by credit bureaus. However, you have to rely on your mortgage lender to initiate the rescoring process.

Rent information in the credit file

This idea is ideal for anyone who doesn’t own their home. You can have your rent payment history included in the credit report. Using this non-conventional payment information is helpful when looking forward to fast credit repair. You can make use of this if you have been making timely payments to your landlord.

Including details about your rent payment details raises credit score by about 10 to 20 points in not more than 30 days after capturing the rental information in the credit reports. Not that you can’t add rent payment details to credit files without verification by the landlord. Additionally, the information also needs verification by a third party company before forwarding to the credit bureau.

Open credit lines

Credit card debt is bad debt that weighs down your credit score. So, having high credit card debt leads to a low credit score. There is a possibility to boost your credit score fast when lacking cash on hand to cut down credit card bills. This is possible through opening credit lines while maintaining a low balance. Doing this develops good recurring payment history to make up about 35 percent of your credit score. Using multiple credit lines is a great way to handle low credit scores.

Wrapping up

Regardless of your purpose for seeking a loan, having a good credit score is very important. There is no reason to get discouraged because of bad credit history. Assistance from a reputable credit repair agency comes in handy. Techniques like eliminating negative information, reducing credit card debts, and opening credit lines are some of the ways to repair your credit score fast.

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