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List Of 7 Most Popular Tights

When people hear the word ‘tights’ in the form of garments, they mostly imagine a body sheathing piece of cloth covering the body from waist to toe with a tight-fitting layer of sheer and light-weighted fabric. This fabric comes in a variety of colors, including the variations of black and brown.

Although the name ‘tights’ given to this piece of clothing is technically accurate, there is much more to the same. Well, you can understand different attributes of tights as you go through this list of the most popular tights. 

So, without any further delay, let’s roll and have a look at the list of best tights. 

1. Aristoc Tights

Aristoc tights are one of the best tights available in the market. These create an excellent first impression, are fresh and glossy on the outside and warm on the inside. Aristoc ultra shine tights are a classic style that you can consider buying for yourself. 

Also, there is a wide variety of aristoc tights, including ultra shine 10 denier tights, aristoc hold-ups, body toner tights, etc. to choose from. 

2. Control Tops Tights 

Control tops tights will look just like any other tights but their ability to give a smooth and beautiful figure to the wearer by removing the bumps and other extra lumps that a body may have. These work as great body shapers and help modern women stay in shape. 

3. Seamless Tights

Seamless tights are one of the most expensive tights but are one of the ultimate choices women make in the form of hosiery. One of the best things about seamless tights is that these hide the visible panty lines, which may otherwise lead to a fashion fail. 

You may explore the hosiery online shop and buy the seamless styled tights. 

4. Opaque Tights 

Opaque tights may come with the same materials as of sheer tights and ultra-sheer tights, but thicker denier materials characterize these. 

List of opaque tights include:

  • Semi-Opaque Tights- These are more durable than the regular sheer tights and measure 21 to 40 denier. Although skin visibility is possible, the material provides more coverage to the legs as compared to sheer. 
  • Opaque Tights- These provide more leg coverage with less skin visibility and measures 41 to 69 denier. One of the best things about opaque tights is that these come in a wide variety of colors that you can match with any fabric. 
  • Thick Opaque Tights- Thick opaque tights provide more leg coverage with an additional warmth during the cold season and measure 70 to 99 denier. 
  • Mega Thick Opaque Tights- These are an excellent alternative for leggings during the cold season and measures over 100 deniers. 

5. Footless Tights

Footless tights are often considered as the right fit for dance clothing. It does not matter if it’s a practice session or an actual dance performance; these tights serve the purpose well. The footless tights that are used for the dancing purpose are usually made up of a durable and high-quality material and come in a wide range of colors. 

Well, aside from being famous as dance clothing, these are also pretty popular as casual wear. When paired in neutral colors with other dresses or pieces of clothing, these can throw off a modern and stylish look. 

6. Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights are characterized by their knits, which is diamond-shaped and exposes a considerable amount of skin. These tights significantly give an elongated and sexy look to the body. Well, there are a few tips that will help you throw off an elegant look while wearing fishnet tights. The tips are as follows:

  • First things first, these are a bit tricky to wear, so wear these tights only if you like them and are comfortable wearing them. 
  • Consider pairing your fishnet tights with the right piece of clothing. You can consider pairing it up with a skirt above the knees. 
  • These also hold the power to make neutral clothing look more appealing. Also, avoid wearing fishnet tights with other flashy dresses. 
  • Closed-toe boots or shoes go well with fishnet tights, and it looks even more appealing when you finish the look with knee-length dresses or skirts. 

7. Running Tights

There is no denying the fact that people nowadays are getting more and more fitness enthusiasts. Since people are leaning towards fitness, many of them indulge in various activities like cycling, running, etc. 

When it comes to running and cycling, running tights provide a great alternative to the standard t-shirts and shorts combinations. Besides serving the purpose of style, running tights also offer to protect the body during chilly seasons. These also come with compression features that help protect the muscles and enhance blood circulation. 

The Final Say 

So these were some of the variations of tights that a modern-day woman can wear in different styles and variations. Now, whatever style of tights you choose, each one comes with different attributes that set them apart from other pieces of clothing. But, in the end, they all make you feel good and look fantastic. 

So, choose any tights you want and set the style game up for yourself.

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