Pre-Baby Financial Planning

Essential Tips For Pre-Baby Financial Planning

As you dream of those tiny rompers and baby boots, it is essential to do pre-pregnancy financial planning. I know parenthood comes with a lot of excitement, but it also comes with its own share of responsibilities. 

Since finances are going to play an essential role before and after your child is born, it is crucial not to take them lightly. 

Well, if you are going to be parents anytime soon, then do not worry. This article will shed light on a few essential tips to help you with financial protection for newborn baby.

So, let’s move ahead and have a look at the same. 

1. Understand Your Financial Goals

If you still haven’t planned your financial future, then you need to start today, and if you already have a plan in place, then you must re-check it and understand how the baby is going to affect the same. 

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you living in a rented house? How long do you plan to keep renting
  • Are you planning to buy a new home?
  • Can you save for the college of your child?
  • How will your child affect your retirement?

So these are a few things that every parent must ask themselves and then do the financial planning accordingly. 

2. Avoid Buying Things You Don’t Need

Having a baby is such an exciting feeling that parents start considering themselves congress and keep on spending their hard-earned money on things which they don’t even need. 

Well, you must remember that congress might quickly get away with spend-thrifting, but you can’t.

So, before you buy anything just because it looks nice, see if it of any use to you or your baby, and if it’s not, keep if back on the shelve from where you picked it up. 

3. Pay Your Debts Off

Now there can be a difference of opinions on this one because some people like good debts. Well, others like me don’t appreciate debts of any kind at all. 

If you have any debt to pay, you must know how much is the amount and who it is with. Once the baby arrives, the chances are that your debt might pile up between hospital bills and doctor’s visits. 

One of the best things to do is to pay off your debt as soon as you can before the baby arrives. 

4. Who Is Going To Watch Your Baby 

See if one of you is going to stay home and take care of the baby or if your child is going to need a daycare facility.

Now, not every family needs to worry over the daycare, but some might have to if the daycare is pricey, and it might require you to spend around 14 to 25% of your income on the daycare. 

So, plan accordingly and wisely. 

5. Set Up An Emergency Fund 

Last but not least, setting up an emergency find for your family is one of the cornerstones of 

pre pregnancy financial planning for your family. Although many people fail to do so, you must not take any chance. 

So, save at least 3 to 6 months of expense in your emergency fund because you never know when you might need it. 

The Final Say 

You may find it hard to do financial planning at first, but it is essential to ensure a secure future for your baby and yourself too. Now you may think that you can manage the expenses without doing financial planning, but you never know what the future holds in its arms. 

So, my best advice to you is that never take any chances and start your financial planning today, if you haven’t started it yet. 


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