Create Exciting Event Video Invitations

Create Exciting Event Video Invitations In 2020

Hosting an event is not an easy task. There are many factors involved in organizing a successful event, such as budget, venue, date, guest list, etc. Besides, to ensure a sizeable turnout, it is essential to create attractive and personalized invitations so that the guests feel welcome.

The Rise of Event Video Invitations

Gone are the days when one would spend hours designing physical invitations, print them, and painstakingly send them via snail mail. Soon, the world moved to e-invitations, but many-a-people found them boring and impersonal. So, someone had a capital idea and invitations transformed into short, engaging movies with captivating photos and music – bringing us to the age of video invitations.

Of course, people still send traditional paper invites. However, video event invites are considered extremely trendy and can prove to be highly engaging when done right.

Even if you are organizing a birthday party, you can create your own invitations using an online video editor like InVideo, which renders professional-quality videos and event invitations effortlessly.

What Are Video Invitations?

When you organize any personal or community event, the aim is to ensure a respectable turnout, which can be guaranteed by sending creative invites.

At the top of the list, we have video invitations, which are known to garner maximum attention from people. Besides, you can quickly email or WhatsApp video invites and also share them on your social media accounts for maximum publicity.

As videos engage multiple senses, video invites with suitable pictures and music help to put across the information in a more palatable and memorable way, creating a sense of excitement around the event.

The best part about video invitations is that they are quite straightforward to create. For example, if you have a set of photographs, all you need is a free photo slideshow maker to string these pictures together into a moving story that is certain to mesmerize your guests.

Here are some benefits of sending event video invitations:

  • They are cost-effective, easy to create, and can be circulated online in a jiffy, without incurring any postage charges.
  • You can use hundreds of free online templates that make it effortless to create an engaging video invite.
  • As the invite is online, people are more like to respond via email, giving you a better idea about the number of people who will finally attend the event.
  • Digital invites can be shared on social media for creating a buzz around the event.

Tips for Creating Exciting Video Invitations in 2020

It is 2020, and basic event invitations will no longer make the cut. Most people are computer and smartphone savvy, and it only takes a few minutes, some creativity, and a powerful video editing software to create awesome invites.

Whether it is a personal event or a community event that you are organizing, here are some vital tips to help you create exciting videos in 2020:

Intelligent Design and Layout

Today, thanks to advanced technology, it is no longer a task to put together awesome video invitations. In fact, most video editing softwares offer free design templates and layouts, which make your job much easier.

The key, however, lies in choosing the right theme for your event. For example, you don’t want to pick a video with dancing girls and balloons for a professional event and vice-versa.

The same rule applies to the music and the font you embed in your video invites. Choose your video elements according to the purpose and theme, and you are already on the way to creating a great invite.

Use Proper Visual Aids

We are sure you receive several event invitations in a day. But do you attend every event? Unless it is an invite from a close friend, what factors impact your decision?

One crucial factor is the quality of the invite – which is why it is essential to include that ‘Wow’ factor when designing your video invites.

You can achieve this by using suitable, high-quality, and attractive visuals to create a positive and memorable impact. With the help of a simple video editor or slideshow maker, you can put together a show of stunning pictures for both personal and community events and amaze your guests with your creativity.

Besides using compelling visuals, leverage the power of sound by using pleasant music to greet the invitees. As the video progresses, make sure that the content is in sync with the audio used to capture the attention of your prospective guests.

The Power of Written Words

An eye-catching invitation requires not only stunning visuals and music but also an attractive copy. Start by searching the Internet for free templates to piece together an exciting invite, which will make your invitees feel welcome while relaying all the information accurately. Besides using a good copy, don’t forget to make use of an attractive font to capture the attention of your audience.

It is also a good idea to include a personal voice note from the host, or a keynote speaker for a corporate event, which will add a tinge of extra excitement to your invite.

To Sum-Up

Hosting a successful event starts with a properly curated guest list and an attractive invite that ensures maximum turnout and event video invitations happen to be extremely useful and cost-effective in this regard.

In the preceding paragraphs, we have shared simple tips for creating engaging video invites for your events. If you are making personal video invites, it is usually enough to use a touching narrative and some personalized pictures to create a memorable invite.

However, if you are creating professional invites for corporate events, you can increase the efficiency of your invites by using a strong subject line in your emails to pique the curiosity of the receivers.

For corporate events, we also suggest that you use prominently displayed CTA buttons in your email invites to share the next steps with your invitees. You may also A/B test your subject lines, email body, CTA buttons, etc., to find out what clicks with your audience and make your invitation campaigns a smashing success.

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