A seed spreader is a tool used in farming for spreading seed in the already prepared surface. There are two types of seed spreaders a rotary spreader and drop spreader. Rotary spreader or broadcast spreader, spread the seed in a forward-facing manner like a curve thus covering a wider area at once. On the other hand, drop spreader drops the seeds between the wheels thus allowing you to have precise control of where the seed will fall.

Broadcast spreaders are very fast but drop spreads are more precise. there are several of them in the market such as Scott whizz handheld seed spreader, earth way nylon bag spreader, max tow drops seed spreader, etc. seed spreaders have the following advantages for your farm:

effective and efficient


1.A seed spreader allows you to evenly spread your seed in the ground. 

And for the larger seed spreader tool, it allows you to cover a wider area. This is more effective unlike the traditional method of using your hands. Since the seed is evenly spread they sprout and grow at the same rate, making your garden/ground look beautiful and appealing to the eye.

2.you save money and time

Since seed spreader is a machine, it can work for long hours or days without weary or becoming tired. This allows you to cover large amounts of space within a short time. In some cases, if you’re doing the job on your own you can forget and skip some areas in the process of spreading the seeds. This becomes easier while using a seed spreader because its tracks can be traced so it will be very difficult to forget. It also saves you money in places where you could have employed someone to do the same job. However, for this tool to serve you better and for a longer time it needs good storage and maintenance. seed spreaders are also fast and more targeting where the seeds are spread.

3.it is Multi-purpose

In areas which experience snowfall during the winter season, seed spreader can have been used to spread salt to melt ice. the tool can also be used to fill uneven grounds or surfaces in your garden with soil. They can also be used to fill unused holes drilled using Earthmoving Augers. This also saves you money that could have been used to purchase a new machine or to employ someone to the same job. A farmer can also customize a seed spreader to be used for spreading fertilizer, however, the farmer is advised to wear a face mask when spreading fertilizers. this also cuts costs and saves money.

4.prevent you from damaging your hands.

If you using your hands in spreading the seed, at some point you have to touch the soil either when you want to push the seeds into the soil to a certain depth or when you have to recollect the seed that you have spread carelessly.in that process you can get pierced accidentally, get bitten by soil animals/insects or you can get a reaction from some dangerous chemicals in the soil or fertilizer.

5.it’s more accurate

As mentioned earlier, seed spreader allows uniform spreading of seeds this makes it possible for crops to grow in uniform and accurately as expected. This is because the tool eliminates errors that could have been made if hands could have been employed to spread seeds.

this means that farmer’s plants or crops will have good performance and will be more precise if compared to crops that grow on the farm where hands instead of seed spreader were employed. The farmer also will have better yields since the seed spreader has no or minimum damages to the soil. The seed spreaders also help the farmer not to overseed the lawns on the farm, by precisely spreading the required seeds.

6.good capacity for carrying seeds

Most seed spreaders come with a good capacity to carry a seed to be spread. This means that the farmer can spread seeds with minimum hustle. However, this will depend on farm size, therefore the farmer is advised to purchase seed spreaders that match their farm size. That is determining the sizes of seed spreaders according to their farm sizes. This means that large scale farmers will go for large seed spreaders and small scale farmers for small seed spreaders.


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