Yoga Time: 5 Things You Do That Damages Your Yoga Mat

There are many ways by which you can exercise, relax and be healthy. One of them is yoga. Different from other exercises and workouts, yoga does not require lots of exercise equipment. Actually, the one inevitable instrument for it is the yoga mat. It’s easy to carry around anywhere and use anytime because it does not require much effort to do so. 

An essential material in this exercise, the yoga mat must always be in good condition. It’s difficult to use some other kinds of mat because it might affect how you perform the routines. Also, there are health reasons why yoga mats are made as they are. 

Since it is vital, you must always keep in mind that how you make use of it can either be good or bad to your yoga mat. It’s you who use it, so whatever happens to it, you’re the one responsible. With that being said, below are 5 reasons why your yoga mat gets damaged, reasons mostly caused by you:



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The yoga mat gets in direct contact to your whole body simply because it’s the only exercise equipment you need for this. Your body’s natural oils and sweat go to your yoga mat and gets absorbed by it. That is very unhygienic and unhealthy for you. 

Most especially if you use it daily and skip cleaning, your yoga mat gets smelly, slimy and nasty. Another is when someone else uses it! Your germs and their germs combine; you just pass each other’s dirt, and you have the yoga mat as your innocent mediator. Just by thinking of it, it’s hard to imagine you are still using the same thing the next day. 

Bacteria build up on your yoga mat, and eventually, it becomes worn out.



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Indeed, cleaning your yoga mat is very important, but what’s more significant is knowing how you do it properly and what products to use safely. Using just any kind of soap or liquid cleaner you see at home might be harmful to your yoga mat.

Harsh chemicals will obviously wreck your yoga mat. Be careful with those that can discolor it and/or cause fading. If the equipment store where you bought the mat recommended a specific cleaning agent, do not ignore it because they suggested it for the best. 

If you’re soaking it in water, make sure you don’t do it for too long because if it absorbs too much, the composition might get distorted and damaged. The material can get warped, and you will have a long and hard time to let it dry.  

Moreover, if you think using a washing machine is useful to save time and effort in cleaning your yoga mat, you are not entirely correct. The reason is not all mats are safe for washing machine, and it depends on the material. You have to ask first the manufacturer whether the yoga mat is good for washing machine cleaning.  



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After cleaning the yoga mat, you must not just leave it out in the open air and come back just whenever you want. Taking drying out lightly is also another culprit for damaged yoga mats. 

There are yoga mats unproblematic under the sun, but most are. It’s because too much heat can ruin shape and form. If you want to dry it outdoors, make sure it’s mostly protected under a shade. You must not leave it inside your car or a closed container or room where it can melt due to too much heat.

Furthermore, whenever you roll your yoga mat while it’s still wet, you make way for its nearing destruction.



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Sometimes, after using the yoga mat, you just throw it inside the storage room, or you just leave it exposed and unclean in a corner of your room. That’s wrong. 

Unmindfully placing it wherever is a mistake you don’t notice. You make your yoga mat prone to getting invaded by dirt and filled with unwanted dust. When there’s a yoga mat, there’s a good purpose. Put it to its functional use. When you’re not using the mat and after totally cleaning it, store it in its bag. 

Not just when it’s used but also when it’s not, take care of it or else, it gets slowly damaged, and you don’t even know.

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When you use some other exercise equipment, you have the tendency to scratch it/them on the yoga mat. It’s because sometimes, some people take it for granted since it’s just a “mat”. Using it for other kinds of exercises it isn’t for can also be a reason why it easily gets marred. 

Be certain that you use the yoga mat for the purpose it is made for. Meanwhile, if there’s a crucial need for you to really use it as an alternative to other exercise mats, put extra effort and alertness in taking care of it.



Although the yoga mat is not similar to other exercise equipment in terms of its look and role, it shines on its own unique and beneficial purpose. Nothing can do it for you like it does when you do your yoga exercises.

Sometimes, you wonder why your mat shortly gives up, and you don’t even realize, it’s your own deed. Remember, be careful whenever you utilize it. Do not take it for granted, and do not abuse it. 

Long-lasting exercise equipment is not just about the quality of the material but also about the quality of your usage and maintenance as the owner. Exercise well, and valuably look after all your exercise equipment. 

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