What is Kratom and Why are the Effects of Mitragyna?

Kratom, also biologically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a plant native to the grounds of Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It grows to form leaves which were initially chewed by the natives after removing the veins as they believed it cured their body conditions and helped them heal physically and emotionally. Kratom has also been used by laborers who have long, tiring days of work and are in dire need of a relaxant by the end of the day.

Kratom is regularly used by chewing, smoking and swallowing in the form of powder, capsules, tinctures and teas. Kratom tea can be made by directly adding brewed leaves to hot water. It is an easier way to consuming Kratom and can be also taken as an alternative to coffee since it provides a similar kick as caffeine.

Kratom contains healing properties and has been in long use since the nineteenth century. A lot of people believe that it can be used as an alternative to medicine as it cures illnesses but there has been no confirmation if it is safe to use in medicine or not.

Kratom contains more than 40 known alkaloids, 25 of which are active ones including mitragynine and 7hydroxymitragynine which help in solving multiple problems like diarrhea, cough, respiratory problems, heart diseases, lung infections, kidney diseases etc but most importantly mitragynine binds to the mu and kappa receptors of the brain to suppress the pain and prevent the user from having withdrawal symptoms. This proves that Kratom can also be used to combat opioid withdrawal symptoms.

At low doses, Kratom behaves as a stimulant and increases the activity of the brain by making it vigilant, alert and aware. It takes away the feeling of tiredness and fatigue and makes one feel fresh and light. It is great for people who are looking for something which increases their ability to work for longer hours with motivation and energy. Kratom provides the right amount of energy to carry out productive work. White Maeng Da Kratom works best when it comes to using something that elevates your mood and provides you the energy to work and stay focused.

At higher doses, Kratom works as a sedative and results in euphoric effects. These doses are especially beneficial for those people who want something that acts like morphine in their body, numbing down the pain and Kratom sits with that definition. Higher doses of strains like Red Maeng Da which have an intensifying effect are commonly used to help with anxiety, stress, depression treatment of pain and addiction.

Alongside these effects, there are some hidden effects that Kratom causes, like the boosting up of immune system and improvement of function of body. This helps in keeping the general health and well-being of the body intact and up-to-date.

There are a lot of rumors about Kratom being dangerous or harmful. Kratom is a natural herb and remedy which is generally safe but because of its alkaloid level in the leaves, it is thought to have an addicting nature. This means that if Kratom is taken consistently, it may be addicting like heroin and other drugs. But till date, there have been no confirmed statements about Kratom being harmful. Instead, research is going on to find if Kratom can be used in the medicine industry because of its diverse properties. There have been no evidences to prove anything against Kratom which means it is entirely safe to consume.

Having said that, excess of everything is bad and dangerous. Same is the case with Kratom. Overuse of Kratom and high, uncontrollable dosage may result in harmful consequences like unconsciousness for a few hours. Pregnant women are suggested not to take Kratom as it might affect the health of their baby.

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