CBD Chocolate in the Uk

I Love Chocolate and Cbd – Now I Can Buy Both Together: CBD Chocolate in the Uk!

The world of CBD edibles has improved over the last few years and we are beginning to (thankfully!) see a lot more choice. Whatsmore – now CBD edibles can taste delicious. For the longest time, if you wanted a CBD edible you had to be subjected to the bitter underlying hempy taste of the CBD and so, whilst giving you the CBD, it was certainly not the most enjoyable nor tasty experience. But, things are changing – as interest in CBD has grown, new brands are entering the market that is realizing that to attract new customers (or those that are interested in CBD) and to keep them coming back for more – flavor and taste is just as important and so their CBD edibles need to be delicious too! 

The area of CBD edibles where this excites me most is with CBD chocolate. I had always jealousy looked at the US CBD edible space with its vast choice – from CBD baked goods to savory snacks, they just had a lot more on offer. In particular, when I tried some of their CBD chocolate brands, I was blown away that it actually could taste good and couldn’t stop eating it! Now, I can safely say that CBD chocolate in the UK is starting to catch up! I have come across one brand recently that especially excites me – Paso – their CBD chocolate tastes as good as any actual chocolate – the only indication that there is CBD in the bar is its delicious soft floral finish. 

For the sake of this article, though, I want to give a little breakdown on CBD chocolate as part of the CBD edible category and what to look for when scanning the market for the best CBD chocolate. 

Price to CBD content

As the market develops, we can all but assume that the price of CBD will start going down and so the price of some of our favorite CBD products will be able to adjust their pricing in line with that. However, for now, CBD is still expensive so you cannot be surprised that a bar of CBD chocolate in the UK will be more than double what you would pay for a normal bar of chocolate. BUT, where you have to be careful is where brands are taking advantage of the fact that their chocolate bar contains some (but not much) CBD so whacks up the price substantially even though the amount contained is inconsequential. These brands are taking advantage of the CBD fad and are ripping you off so please check the CBD content on the bar before you pay an arm and a leg. As I mentioned earlier, the Paso bar, albeit delicious, also appears to have one of the best prices to CBD content ratios on the market. 


CBD edibles take a bit longer for the CBD to take effect in your body meaning you will not necessarily “feel” the CBD immediately after munching down your CBD chocolate or CBD gummies. Plus you will not feel it in isolation to other things you may have had after eating your CBD chocolate. This is because, due to the nature of eating the CBD, the CBD has to pass through the digestive system and liver before going into your bloodstream. As such, CBD edibles are the better option if you are looking for a lighter dose of CBD with a weaker effect which is preferable for people looking to take CBD as more of a supplement. 


CBD chocolate is also a perfect entry point for those new to CBD as it comes in a user-friendly, relatable format. With stronger, more concentrated CBD products you will taste the bitter hemp of the CBD which is not always desirable. CBD chocolate (when done right!) perfectly masks the underlying flavor of the CBD making the experience a lot more enjoyable and approachable.  There are still quite a few CBD chocolates in the UK that are purely functional – have been badly tempered and taste dry or earthy. I am here to tell you – you don’t have to settle for this option. You can have both CBD chocolate that is both functional and tastes good – the tides are turning!

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