The prominence of cricket-based apps in the last decade

Cricket might be a mere game, but in the eyes of a major chunk of the population, it is nothing short of religion. They go on to consider it as one as their lives revolve around it. Cricketers are nothing short of gods in this regard. Do not make any mistake as they tend to be superficial fans. For this reason, people have resorted to play fantasy cricket games online. In fact, it provides a platform for the players to showcase their talents. At an initial level, the game was formulated keeping the diverse interests of the audience in mind, but with the passage of time, this app gained a lot of prominence among the masses.

The moment once a cricket match is going on you tend to make use of all the available information at your end. You do take the current form of the players into account along with a tinge of instinct and develop your own team. A team of 11 players is formed and how the team is performing you are given points. The concept of fantasy cricket is played by players all over the country. The moment a game ends, the scores are calculated and the player with the highest point wins.

The market opportunity for cricket-based apps

Cricket ceases to be a multi-billion dollar industry and in a country like India, it is a profitable venture. On average there are 1 billion fans at a global level, and mostly they tend to be in the age bracket of 18 to 70 who are avid followers of the game. On careful observation, nearly 90 % of the sporting enthusiasts are from India itself.

Taking one step ahead as far as the enthusiasm of the game evolves, 95 % of the masses have taken a liking towards the ICC world cup whereas 88 % have shown an inclination towards cricket world cup. But it has to be said that T20 cricket is the most sought out format with 92 % of the people glued to it. When England plays test cricket 70 % of the people go on to follow the game.

Now considering the numbers point of view, currently, there are 20 million users and with every passing month, the figures are expected to rise. As per estimates, the figure is expected to cross around 100 million by the year 2020. But on a positive note, the figures are expected to be achieved in the first half of the year as the current lockdown has forced to spend a lot of time at their homes.

It is not just in India, but fantasy games are entering the foreign markets in a big way. Close to 70 % of users in terms of the best app to play fantasy cricket do it via their mobile phones. With a profound interest in this game evolving a major level, a lot of companies are planning to enter the market and even reap the rewards in a big way.

No wonders to the fact that India is one of the popular hubs were fantasy-based cricket apps are on the rise.

Less competition

The saying that the early bird strikes the goose holds valid holds true is valid. First of all, you ought to figure out that this is a novel concept and for this reason, the competition is not that on the higher side. If you ponder for a long time it is going to increase the number of players in the market and you might end up losing the worm. But if you launch early you can go on to generate a major chunk of fans, and this might mean that you are not going to face a lot of competition in the days to come.

Ample scope in terms of improvement

If you make a mistake of launching an app at the last moment this is going to land you in a lot of trouble. The reason being you are not going to be aware on the bugs that might arise or even you would have to be making certain changes to your app. Once you launch early it provides you with an opportunity to make desired changes. So when you go on to launch the app it is a seamless experience.  To get everything right on the first attempt is not an easy task. Make it a point that you have a sufficient amount of time at your end in order to test out things.

Open-ended crowd

It is not only about cricket as you can go on to include a host of other games on this app platform. Say for example in the FIFA world cup the viewership was 300 million but still, the country did not go on to participates. Just as with the case of cricket along with other games, the no playing audience constitute a major chunk of the audience. So make it a point that you go on to include as many games as possible.

Numerous opportunities

With every passing year, the number of cricket tournaments is on the rise. Be it the IPL or big bash, there is never a shortage of tournaments. In fact, this provides opportunities to participate in the games. Some of the largest cricket markets apart from India are Australia and England. In a coming couple of years, the number of cricket tournaments is expected to be at an all-time high. If you start early not only you can tap on to the India audience but crowd from another part of the world.

A legal choice

Finally, the best aspect of a fantasy-based cricket app is that it is legal. There is no form of gambling or betting involved as it is purely a game of skill. This could be one of the reasons why a number of people are drawn to this app.

To sum it up these are some of the major reasons on why investing in a fantasy based cricket app is the future.

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