How do You Block Inappropriate Websites on Android?

Parental control is software that is featured with lots of modern techniques to monitor the usages of the internet by your child. This software can be installed and used in your PCs, laptops, smartphones and so on. It allows you to keep a close eye on the activities that your child is going through. The Internet is said to be a mine of information where good and harmful things go hand to hand. It is not always possible for your child to understand which a good site is and which is bad. Moreover, sometimes they get flying information about many explicit things and get into the search engines to know about them. Many such things are beyond their mental capacity and thus they may get the wrong direction from it.

  • Why do You Need to Block Inappropriate Websites on Android?

There are more than one reason why you should block the access of inappropriate websites on your home devices for your children. Most of the devices nowadays like the smartphones and the tablets run on Android. This is why you need to block them on Android to stop their access by your children. Since the Internet has been wrapped up the lives of everyone from every aspect, so the usage of it can’t be restricted for holistic wellness. But many websites contain explicit content. Some of them are also online predators and they have spread their trap on the internet to get innocent kids so that they can access your devices to get your personal as well as professional data. Here are some reasons for blocking inappropriate websites.

  • Online Threats

There are many instances of online threats now a day. You may experience various actions from the other end of the websites by different people to cause you mental, emotional and physical harm. The children are softer targets for these people to get access to your data or to extort money from them. They sometimes can put some malware program and can ask for money to give the control of your device back to you.

  • Online Predators

The children are the most desired targets of these online predators. They are people sitting at the other side of the website to threaten your child to act as per their instructions. The most important example of this online predator is the Blue Whale game where the participants were given several tasks to accomplish. They had to hurt themselves while playing the games and upload their pictures. Some of the cases came in front where the participants have led to death also.

  • Cyberbullying

Previously bullying was done in the schools, coaching centers as well as in the playgrounds. But it has taken a new face through the internet and has been named as cyberbullying. It has crossed the limits of classrooms and has got its place online. Cyberbullying may make a child so depressed that he sometimes may commit suicides also. This can be stopped through parental control as well as restricts the usage of those devices and the internet. Cyberbullying affects the children mentally and eventually physically as well. Unnecessary trolling as well as making mockery in social media can put a deep impact on the mind of the children.

  • Cyber-Crime

The best parental control app for Android can also restrict your children from committing cyber crimes. There are people who can force your children to commit these kinds of things by blackmailing them on the basis of their data. There is no shortage of criminals in the online world and they mostly target the children so that their works can be done easily. The children are also not that much open to their parents always and to keep these things secret they often abide by the instructions of these online criminals.

Some Parental Control Software of Your Usages

There are several parental control apps that would take care of your child while you are not with them. In the modern age, everyone is busy in their life including the parents also. So they can’t spare that much time with their children to keep track of their every activity. This is why parental control software is needed.

  • Socialshield

If you want to keep track of your child’s conversation online then it is one of the best parental control software for you. You can keep a close eye on the social media networks of your children. The most important thing is you don’t need to do anything as this software itself checks the credibility and other data of the people associated with your child and blocks them if necessary.

  • Familyshield

It is also one of the most used apps to control the usages of the internet for your child. It helps to restrict the sites which contain inappropriate content for your child like proxy sites, sexualities, vulgarities and so on. This app also can be applied to the router and the contents can be filtered from there only. Through this app, you can control other devices that you want to add to this service.

  • Kidlogger

You can track everything through kidlogger that your children go through on the internet. It is an app to run with immense effectiveness on Android as well as windows too. You can restrict the usages of websites through this based on their contents. You don’t need to specify the websites but the contents will be filtered through this app to keep your child safe.

  • Safetyweb

It monitors your entire child’s activity on social networking sites. It is customized so well that it can detect the explicit contents by accessing the conversation of the children. Therefore it becomes a very good weapon for you to safeguard your child from being bullied. You only need to put the email which your child uses and then it detects the associated others accounts automatically. Also if you can find here some android applications for unwanted Calls Block in free which save you from unnecessary calls of fakers.

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