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Why Bangalore is considered a Hot Location to Pursue an MBA?

Bangalore is one of the hot favorite cities for pursuing an MBA in India. One prominent reason is, it is the Silicon Valley of India following the rise of IT in the last 2-3 decades. The city not only has the most luminous minds but also draws foreign companies more than any other city in India. The advantage of Bangalore’s infrastructure and excess resources led many foreign MNCs to come and make Bangalore their working center.

Three ‘mains’ to be found extensively in the city are— bars, Software engineers and entrepreneurs. It is known as the Pub-City, Garden City, and the Startup capital of India. Online giants such as Flipkart, Myntra, Big basket, Zoom Car, Practo, and Swiggy are the best examples of startups that have turned out to be a big success. Again, the entrepreneurial vision is being encouraged by numerous government initiatives envisioned to support the city’s thriving startup culture. The low cost of living than that of Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai consequently makes it as the youth’s preferred destination for their MBA degree.

While deciding where to do your MBA, it is eminent to choose a city where the job opportunities are bright, and Bangalore gives you that. Furthermore, you also get quality options to choose from for your internships. No doubt that there is strong competition, but good things don’t come easy.

B-School hub:

Bangalore is a hub to many premier institutes like IIMB and IISC. There are more than 200 MBA colleges in Bangalore offering varied options designed as per the needs and budget of the students. An MBA here can be relatively cheaper here than compared to other metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai.

Startup Capital of India:

The city already has a ready pool of qualified techno-experts available. Due to the presence of good quality B-schools, the ideas keep pouring in. The availability of funds that backs them makes it easy to launch a start-up. Apart from that, the city possesses a very cool and welcoming environment that helps Bangaloreans connect easily with each other through meet-ups, gatherings, or events. The city also offers top-notch infrastructure required for the launch of startups making it comfortable for the techies. The workforce of every possible skill is available in the city which gives launching businesses a massive benefit to find diversified talent which is a primary need for setting up a new office.

IT-hub or Silicon Valley of India:

The city has completely evolved as a full-fledged silicon city of India. More than two decades of being an IT giant, attracting investors, companies, techies, and the city has been home to many job-seekers. Other than the already developed IT firms, multinational firms have been operating in different industries that open up many job opportunities for youngsters and working professionals.

Garden City and pleasant weather:

Bangalore is popular for its very pleasant weather. The climate is a good blend of wet and dry. Because of the tropical savanna climate, massive plantation of the green canopy can be found. The irregular heatwaves are chilled down by thunderstorms. The pattern continues throughout the year which helps the growth and survival of mini-forests. Therefore, youth from all over the country prefer to come here for their MBA degree.

Cosmopolitan culture:

Only 41% of Bangalore’s population belongs to the town and the rest belong to other states. This rising multiculturalism has had a desirable influence on its society giving the city a new and refreshing air. Because of Bangaloreans’ innovative openness and tenderness of attempting new things, the town has become India’s best marketplace for creating contemporary conceptions.

The city has been ruled over by the British, Western Gangas, Marathas, Mughals, Kannada, etc. The individuals who settled here brought with them their culture, food, music, and language. Due to the existence of various sorts of cultures, it became a liberal society with individuals from various cultures. Language has never been a barrier for Bangaloreans. This culture makes it easy for students to study consumer behavior from different cultures. A lot of colleges conduct such workshops to train students who choose to study MBA in the city.

Easy access to information:

The city has a large network of students which allows easy availability to all kinds of data, study notes or information on any topic that one might look for as a student. There are meetups, hackathons, and events organized that will bring you in close contact with smart and talented folks. The quality of professors and trainers is also superior in the city as several prefer to dwell here and make Bangalore their home. With the boom in the internet and mobiles, life has been easy for one and all and in a city like Bangalore you can find anything you want, it’s just a search away.

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