Do Experts Believe That CompTIA A+ Certification Is Worth Your Time?

With the launch of the latest version of CompTIA A+ certification, a lot of debates and discussions ensue about the true worth of the certification. Is it worthwhile to pursue CompTIA A+ if you are thinking in terms of a successful IT career in the future? This topic results in splitting industry professionals. Most people firmly believe that CompTIA A+ is absolutely necessary for someone who is aspiring to be an IT professional. Some others fail to understand the worth of such a certification. 

Let us understand the situation after browsing through various expert reviews. Here are some of the advantages of pursuing CompTIA A+ if you wish to pursue your IT career dreams. It is a gateway to a successful IT career. 

As per, real-world experience seems to be the best teacher in the world, however, you have access to a wealth of information and knowledge online for learning things you do not enjoy and the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge from a mentor or while going through life’s experiences. 

Let us examine closely the arguments in favor of this recognized entry-level certification and understand why you must opt for the CompTIA A+ certification.

Avoid the HR Bots with CompTIA A+

Some pessimists could claim that the certification is just great for checking a box while applying for jobs. However, HR scanning software could be difficult enough to beat. So everyone would like to have an advantage. CompTIA A+ is certainly quite valuable in terms of landing an entry-level job in the IT sector. It is recognized and highly-acclaimed as one of the first few certifications that all aspiring IT professionals must pursue. It is known to validate adequate general knowledge, computer, and even networking skills to be worth your money. 

It is not to be regarded as some sort of a superior certification that beats experience, but it demonstrates two things to employers: First of all, it demonstrates the fact that you as a candidate for a job are having the willingness to learn for advancing your career. Secondly, it demonstrates that you are capable of studying and passing a competitive exam. Certifications always help in furthering your career graph, so does this amazing CompTIA A+. You could easily land an entry-level IT job such as help desk tech or desktop support. This certification is just right for boosting foundational knowledge to be able to perform better and even bigger roles. You may browse through CompTIA A+ review for identifying precisely where you need practice and got to focus. 

CompTIA A+ Certification is Hugely Respected and Supported by the IT Fraternity

CompTIA A+ Certification is today globally recognized and accepted. CompTIA A+ certification is known to cover fundamental knowledge relating to computer hardware. Remember that registering for this exam would be propelling you for developing skills that could be transferable across various kinds of computer hardware. This implies that wherever you seem to be or whatever company you are working for, you could be functioning optimally at your workplace with this certification.

CompTIA A+ Certification Is a Proof of Your Knowledge of IT Fundamentals

A+ critics believe that this certification is a good IT competency check. Even though A+ certification would not fetch you a coveted technical position or a senior role, it certainly has won a place in cutting-edge certification toolbox. If you are thinking of joining the IT sector without experience, it could prove pretty useful to study for exams for getting a grip over the fundamentals. 


When you pass the CompTIA+ it is like a confirmation that you know the IT basics very much in an industry-approved way. You would be thriving in predominantly a support role. CompTIA + is supposed to be a fundamental competency assurance for your future employer. And that seems to be precisely what an individual would require if he has no IT experience.


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