Pointers to keep in mind before you plan to purchase a server

Are you planning to buy refurbished servers online or opting to purchase a new one? Make sure that you go on to purchase one that aligns with your needs. The purchase of a server is a long term investment and a lot of money is involved. So it is important that you choose one those stocks up your needs. When you are going to purchase a new server there are some pointers you have to keep in mind.


The first thing you have to consider while purchasing a server is whether it provides the necessary driver support. Windows support is common if you go on to purchase it from a reputed manufacturer. The Linux drivers might not be available. Taking time to conduct a survey about the server you need would save hiccups in the long run.


If you are planning to purchase the server for a critical mission, then make sure it does make use of redundant parts to avoid a single point of failure. Ideally, the server has to have two power supplies and if one of them fails then the other could work without going offline. Some of them enable you to install a set of redundant memory whereas others could provide you with an extra slot for a module of spare memory. If memory failure occurs this spare memory is put to use.

Form factor

Before purchasing a server you have to consider the form factor. But considering the importance of it does a special mention. Suppose if you are planning to purchase a rack mount server make it a point there is sufficient space in the rack. Be aware that 2k and 4K servers occupy a lot of space than a 1K server. On the other hand, if you are thinking on the lines of a blade server then sufficient space needs to be there in the blade server.

CPU architecture

It is important to consider the CPU architecture. This means you have to leave room for future growth. The servers that are available in the market provide multiple sockets which can support various processor types. Organizations are bound to make a decision on the basis of the number of processors they need currently. Even some of them may buy second-hand server if it accomplishes their needs. But it is a better idea to purchase a server that helps you to add CPU down the lane.


This is an important area that people end up ignoring once they purchase a server. But it is going to occupy a prominent role if it has a cluster role to play. Virtualization and cluster do require more network adaptors in comparison to a stand-alone server. If this is the case the server is not expected to possess sufficient amount of network adapters.

In the usage of the server, you have to consider the memory it can support. In a virtual server component memory is one of the main pointers.

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