Colors Packaging Design And Print For Perfect Cosmetic Packaging

When it comes to making cosmetic packaging, then the first thing that happens in your mind is color. Choose a right color is the most important factor to attract consumers. Color element is the most obvious factor than other aspects like package shape, makeup boxes type, graphics and other things but color is a vital element in making printed cosmetic packing design. The central psychological character behind choosing a color for your package based on the gender distinction. Because male or female have different likes and dislikes. They feel different about each color with the personal and conditional aspect as well. Here we will discuss that how male and female choose color packaging designs for their packages.

Researchers said that color psychology based on the feelings and thoughts like blue color denote honesty and strengths in one person. When you used this type of color while designing cosmetic packaging, then it directly corresponds to the product reliability, credibility and directly connected with buyer’s feelings. Like if you use the darker tone of blue and red, then you add more professionalism to your product and respectfully if you lighten the color of blue you add the soft touch in your product. Colors contribute directly to the buyer’s serenity and buyer relaxation in your packaging

How To Make Right Color Choice For Your Color Cosmetic Packaging

Everyone knows that color is an evocative part of designing anything. Color factor has the power to trigger people thoughts and feelings. It can also rely on bad or good and positive and negative upon impacts. Color is an associative part with both gender and acts differently. Color scheme induces the attitudes and emotion because if women like to choose the pink color, then pink color denotes soft and calmness in your package design.

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On the other hand, if the boy wants the blue color to design printed cosmetic packaging design, then the color reflects sharpness and richness. As a respect of this color, cosmetic packing demonstrates the nature of the product, and it directly gives a glance through before the customer knows anything. Similarly, you should match both color and product to target your customers. To capture potential buyers then you should know about every particular relation between your product and color package.

Firstly You Should Know Your Potential Buyers

Keep in mind that customers choose your product which directly connected with their color choices. When it comes to gender and age you should put your effort on the peak to see what can attract them whether the buyer is a girl or boy. While color consideration tries not to forget the cultural preferences of each gender.

Factors Of Choosing Color Packaging Design By The Female

The research has shown that female like soft and light colors because they compare all the colors directly by their feelings and moods. The analysis scattered standard deviation between choosing color tones like pink, white, pale, yellow and other warm tones.

Scientific Research About Color Gender Distinction

The recent research has shown that while creating any cosmetic box everyone needs to reveal the formal design factor which genuinely based on color packaging preferences. To get valuable results you should maintain the level of cognition and sense of colors between genders while selecting colors for makeup boxes and other packaging supplies. Many research tools used that can identify the different factors, and on the other hand, it can also classify reactions of both gender. There are some of the aspects mention here through this you can quickly determine the color distinction factors of both gender.

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Factors Of Choosing Color Packaging Design By A Male

The result has shown that men like sharp and dark colors according to their personality and they arrange all the color in ascending orders. Firstly they concluded that 90% of the men like black, blue, red and other harmony colors. The standard deviation is approximately in between 2-3 which means that boy express their idea of thoughts while choosing colors cosmetic packaging.

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