How to Give Kids a Christian Education from Home?


Families of faith want their children to grow up learning how God affects everything around them and not just get a Sunday School lesson once a week. Linking education with faith is an approach that has become easier and more popular with the right tools for parents and students.

Every state requires that children receive a quality education but there are several different ways that parents can choose to handle this decision. Public school is free for everyone but has a set curriculum that typically does not include God in the same view as those of faith. Private schools are another option and there are Christian ones that parents can select but the tuition can be expensive not to mention uniforms, supplies and other fees. Homeschooling is an approach that has become a favorite for families of faith because it allows them to find the best online homeschool program that is affordable, incorporates their belief system and uses qualified curriculum that meets education standards for any state.

When considering this option, it is important to carefully research the various online homeschooling platforms that are available for several characteristics. First, the program should be accredited by at least one agency, preferably several, which indicates the school has been reviewed by experts and found to meet standards that are understood and accepted at a national level. Bible is incorporated with all academic courses so the entire course load needs to be considered. Next, take a look at the curriculum to see if it incorporates faith in the way that you, as a parent, are in agreement with especially if this is the primary reason for homeschooling.

Online Christian homeschool programs are available and should offer a preview look of each subject in the different grades so parents can ensure their child is receiving the type of education they want. While parents can put their own curriculum together using a variety of publishers, create lesson plans and homeschool on their own; it is easier and less stressful to partner with an agency that tracks the documentation and has everything put together in organized packages for every grade. Certified teachers can work with students on a part or full-time basis so parents can continue working or acting as the support system instead of taking on the full responsibility of teaching one or more kids in different grades at the same time.

Games, projects and movies are additional ways to get kids involved in learning about faith. There are a variety of ways to make this fun such as creating a game of charades using all the characters the students are studying in their different classes and getting everyone involved. Another option is to have younger student draw out what an event they have learned about so they are not only bringing fun into the Bible but also creativity through imagination. For older students, choose a movie that relates to what they are learning and ask them to provide their thoughts in an essay or different format which can then be discussed. Make it interesting with popcorn and invite other homeschooling over to participate in the event. This way the concepts they are learning about faith and the Bible do not just reside in a textbook but are brought to life and solidified through interaction and discussion.

Families who enroll in a Christian homeschool program understand that Bible is a core class, not just an integration into the curriculum. It is important when you find the best online homeschooling review this particular class to ensure it follows what the personal beliefs your family holds so that kids are not confused by what they are learning in the class v/s what they are hearing at home. Every grade will have a class that teaches concepts based on the age level and builds on itself to more complex ideas that require more thought from the older students. The best curriculum includes basic events and timelines from the Bible and progresses to Christian living, tenets of faith and theological discussions that will help students have a firm grasp of what they believe on a personal level.

When you find the best online home-school and choose to partner with their teachers and administration then there is peace of mind that students will receive an education that will set them up for the future. Parents can also incorporate their own biblical studies each day as a supplement to what the school has or have a discussion time to delve deeper into what they are studying and make it applicable to everyday life.  Education and faith do not have to be separated and work well together in providing a comprehensive perspective of the world around us and how to live life in the right way. Take time to research the online homeschooling programs that include religious studies as a regular class or electives as well as a faith-based curriculum which teaches the standard concepts with God at the center. This incorporation of faith with education provides the student with a solid foundation and a daily reiteration of beliefs in a way that they can study for their own.

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