How Japanese Auction Work

How The Japanese Auction Works

Auctions are not only meant for selling antiques and other relevant, historic artefacts. Instead, everything you can think of can be sold at an auction. And guess what? Some of the best and most priced pieces can only be bought at auctions.

So are you interested in buying a couple of items from an auction? If yes, the Japanese auction may just be the break you need. Many people mistake this auction to be the same with that of the English and others, but it’s not. In this short piece, you will be learning all the information you need to know regarding how this unique auction works.

How it works

The Japanese auction is quite different from the English auction where prospective buyers (bidders) propose a bidding price, particularly higher than the current auction price. In the English auction, the highest bidder goes home with the auctioned item.

For the Japanese auction, it is slightly different. An item is put out for sale. The sale is stipulated to last for a specific timeframe. And within the said timeframe, prospective buyers will be expected to access the auction room electronically. The price of the item will be changing (increase) as the clock continues to tick. If any buyer is not impressed with the current price of the items and wants to opt out of the auction, they are allowed to do so. The condition is that they cannot return back to the room.

If you are the only one still left inside the digital auction room when the stipulated time for the auction elapses, the item will be sold to you at that closing price.

What can you buy?

Just like we began the article, anything can be sold via the Japanese auction. From all forms of fashion outfits to jewelry to even handheld devices, you can find just about anything on this selling platform. You can also get games, cameras, DVD players, and other sophisticated items.

Remember, the secret of buying any item from this auction platform is by staying true to yourself. You already have a price in mind regarding how much the item will be sold. When the auction price rises above your intended price, you can exit the arena. Otherwise, stay put as others exit. At a point, only one person will be left within the auction room, and the item can be sold to that person at that price.

Shipping Fees

This is another component of this transaction that you have to take into consideration. When the auctioned item is about to be sold to the last man standing, the shipping fees will be included as part of the bill. Or if you are lucky, as it is the case most times, you don’t have to pay anything for domestic shipping.


The Japanese auction remains one of the best platforms to buy stuff from. It requires patience and a good pricing strategy for you to remain the dominant bidder at the end of the day. Check out a Japanese auction platform today, and see what you can buy.

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