Diamond Drilling

4 Tips for Boosting Productivity in Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is a synonym of productivity. It is a very unfortunate service, that sometimes causes a negative impact because of one major mistake and high productivity by tweaking a bunch of little things. You just need to modify several things and results might be unexpected.

What is Diamond Drilling?

It is a drilling machine, which consists of a rotary drill with a diamond drill properly attached to create accurate holes. As you all know a diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material in the world. So, it is the absolute choice for creating holes in a range of materials such as concrete, metal, and glass.

A diamond drill offers you precise and clean holes with diameters of between 8mm to more than 1500mm. As it is a non-percussive technique, structural integrity is maintained around when drilling. There is a driving a shift in diamond drilling through which water runs and keeps it dust-free. It can be used according to one’s needs, either vertical or horizontal.

So, let me share with you 8 Tips for Increasing Productivity in Diamond Drilling:

Refine your ROP (Rate of Penetration)

The rate of penetration is an important factor in diamond drilling. Improving ROP can award you with some finest opportunities with the least work. If your ROP is performing well then it will take care of operations to be economical. To increase your ROP you need some of the finest drilling parameters for the rock type and rock condition, combined with the best core bit and crown configuration for that type of ground

If you are using correct WOB (Weight on Bit), water circulation and rotation speed (RPM) then ROP will automatically show the best results.

Buy high-quality equipment

“You get what you pay for”

The above written old saying is perfectly suited to diamond drilling. Buying cheap equipment for your drilling can result in changing the core bit more often or drill the rods breaking prematurely. This kind of maintenance can take your proficient productivity and you may end up wasting your precious time such less important things.

So, always buying high-quality equipment can give you amazing results and take your company or organization to new heights.

Picking the right equipment

While performing any activity, you need the right equipment to get the job done the same thing applies to the drilling process. Choosing the right core bit is one of the most important decisions in diamond drilling. You need to consider many factors while using the right equipment such as ground hardness, variability, abrasiveness, and competency as well as the type of drill rig used, driller experience and depth of drilling expected. The choice made in choosing a reaming shell, core barrel, core lifter system and drill rods can all influence productivity.

Perform regular maintenance

Performing regular inspections on your equipment can help you in making your future projects problem-free. You need to check that every single part is working properly, if not then move it for maintenance. Check that they are clean and lubricated. Check whether the rod threads are coated with thread compound or use a degreaser if required.

Extend bit life

As you have seen in the previous paragraphs, every driller wants to get as much life out of his bit as possible. So, make sure the equipment you are using is not damaged or broken, which will lead you to stop the process. Before starting any new process, you need to conduct an inspection, so that it will not affect the project.

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Be organized

Every single minute that you investing in enhancing your skills apart from drilling is an investment. Make sure you have an organized plan for the next project for the things you need to execute it. Through this, you can save your valuable time and invest it in some productive things.

Wrapping Up

The above-discussed points will help you in increasing your productivity so that you can get the expected results that you are always looking for. No matter how accurate or perfect your process of drilling is, if you haven’t implemented the above points then it might lead you to a time-consuming process.

Make a plan before you start any project, being organized is the key to get the expected results. All the best for your future projects.

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