Do you need tarot guidance for love and career

Free online tarot reading for true love and career

Are you looking for true love? Do you feel stuck in a rut and want to change your job? A free online tarot reading can help you build your career and seek your true soulmate. 

Love and Career are the two major aspects of life that decide the happiness and success of a person. You cannot live happily with a troubled relationship or make your life stable without stability in career. Both are complementary to each other and one can never ignore them. That is why Career and love has always been the most sought concerns in live or online tarot card readings. 

For more than a thousand years,  tarot card readings has been the biggest source of guidance at every stage of life. With the help of mystic tarot cards, you may seek answers to your most pressing questions and can gain knowledge about your past, present, and future in an instant. You may flip your tarot cards and get insight into any situations related to your love, career, and money. However, finding a good tarot reader who knows how to read tarot cards and interpret tarot meanings accurately, based on your present situation, is not easy. 

But, technology advancement has made tarot reading pretty easy. You need not search for any tarot reader or flip the pages of tarot guide book to learn tarot meanings or spend money on every reading. Just download free online tarot reading app, choose your cards and get readings on your fingertip. It’s as simple as that!

You may use online tarot reading apps anytime and get a bigger picture of the situation or problem, whenever you need. It offers an instant way to tap into your higher wisdom and get solutions for every issue that you need guidance for. Plus, some online tarot reading offer free access to tarot insights with the same accuracy and precision as paid readings.

One such app is Tarot Life. It is one of the best free online tarot reading app that allows you to save money and get clarity with repeated readings. Using the app, you may access daily tarot readings and choose different tarot spreads for getting in-depth knowledge about your current relationship, job or financial situation. This is an amazing app for getting intuitive readings for love, career, finance and other aspects of life. If you want to know how to read tarot cards by yourself or learn tarot card meanings without memorizing it then take a look at the wonderful features of this free online tarot app and explore how you can make your life better with insightful tarot predictions. Take a read.

Features Of The Best Free Online Tarot Reading App

What you can expect from an online tarot readings app? Career tarot readings, True Love tarot readings or more? Well, this free online tarot reading application has all. You may rely on this tarot app and may enhance the quality of every aspect of life with it’s accurate and insightful tarot reading features. Here is a quick guide of features and benefits you may get from trying this tarot app. 

Insightful tarot readings to

  • Spruce up love life
  • Build a successful career
  • Grow your finances

True Love Tarot Readings


  • Love Tarot- Looking for true love? How you can attract your special someone? Get complete insights for your love life with the 3 card love tarot reading. This 3 card tarot spread reveals everything from past to present to future of love life. 
  • True Love Spread- This is the 6 card tarot spread that allows you to analyze your relationship with your partner. This accurate true love tarot reading uncover the intentions of your partner, your strength, weaknesses, approach in the relationship and suggestions for improving it further. The spread is a great way to discover if he/she is your true love? 

Career Tarot Reading


  • Career Tarot- If you want to explore career opportunities and challenges with instant tarot advice. This 3 card career tarot spread can help you better. Choose three cards and career tarot reading will reveal the lessons of the past, your present situation and future prospects. 
  • Career Tarot Spread-  Is your current job is right or you should switch to another career or field? This 7 card tarot card spread career tarot readings has answers. With this 7 flip of tarot cards, you may know the possibilities, challenges, your strengths, the areas you need to improve and much more with a quick tap.

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Finance Tarot Reading


  • Finance Tarot- Even if money is not a concern, this great finance tarot reading is a must-try feature. Using this feature, you may explore the secrets of money growth and find tarot guidance with a quick 3 card tarot card spread reading. 
  • Success Spread- This unique feature to know how to step into the ladder of success is really amazing. This 5 card tarot spread reading feature is insightful to discover challenges, hidden aspects, opportunities and strengths for attracting success. 

Live out your dreams with accurate Tarot  insights

Tarot Insights


  • Daily Tarot- This daily tarot reading feature is quick tarot guidance for every day. It will share the possibilities of the day and gives you access to everything that will happen throughout the day. 
  • Card of the Day- This special personalized card for the day is like a powerful sip of coffee which boosts you instantly. This personalized tarot reading allows you to gain insight for the day and may help you to make the most of that day.
  • Yes or No Tarot- Need an instant answer in Yes or No. Check out this feature. You may get clarity in no minutes with this amazing feature.
  • Birth Tarot- You have a special tarot card associated with your birth tarot. Explore that and know everything that you are born of.
  • Ask a Question- If you want an expert tarot guidance and that on live chat, go for this feature. Live 24×7 chat option for all the answers you seek. 

Other Features

Apart from the tarot readings, this free online tarot reading app provides much more for your curious soul. Here is a quick glance to the other features.  


  • Astrology Reports– Based on the ancient prediction method, the feature allows astrology Birth Chart report, Love Compatibility report and Timeline reports at reasonable prices. These reports are highly intuitive and cover all the aspects of life-based on the stars and planetary positions. 
  • Numerology Readings- Numerology numbers are not only trending but are important numbers of life that can help you to shape your life. You just need to enter your date of birth and full name for finding your life path, destiny, maturity, and personality number. 

Concluding Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? If you need guidance or worried about any situation of life, tap to your free tarot app and get instant solution for all your concerns. Career tarot readings, finance insights and true love tarot readings are brilliant features that you must-try. So, take a leap of faith and download Tarot Life now!

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